Beauty Review: Collection Primed & Ready Concealer Kit

I’ve tried a number of Collection’s concealers and they have all worked wonderfully for me, especially the Lasting Perfection Concealer, so when I saw that this concealer kit from a brand that makes such amazing concealers there was no way that I was going to give it a miss. This Collection Primed & Ready Concealer Kit costs about £4.99 and looked at first glance that it was going to be another hit – it comes with two creams, one peachy and one yellow-based, a setting powder, and a liquid concealer.

This comes packaged in a black and sleek plastic case, with the creams and powder in little round ‘pots’ sitting within, and the liquid concealer in a mini tube; there’s also a double-ended brush included. I don’t have much complaints about the packaging – it’s very travel friendly, but it closes well so I don’t think the creams will dry out any time soon. I also like the packaging for the concealer which has a doe-foot applicator.

Doesn’t it look like it’s going to be great so far? Unfortunately, that’s where all the good points end. I find that the shades don’t really work for me. The Primed & Ready Concealer in the tube is way too light for me and I am very fair, so I don’t know who else other than Snow White will be able to make that work. The texture is quite nice – good coverage, creamy but not too thick – and reminds me of their lasting perfection concealer.

The two cream concealers do match my skin well, so I thought at least something will work! But no – I find them to be very thin and thus don’t give much coverage. I thought I could make it work by layering them but these cream concealers are cream-to-powder in texture, so they set very quickly to a powdery finish. When I tried to layer, it immediately turned patchy and did nothing to help with coverage; I think it might have worsened it.

I did manage to get the peachy cream shade to work and it does seem to brighten my under-eye area. If you have dark circles to cover or pimples, then it will have the same problem as the yellow-based cream but I don’t and it looks quite good on its own under my eyes. I did avoid powdering the area because this already had a cream-to-powder texture. The setting powder is quite nice in texture but very white and did not look good anywhere.

I can’t comment on the lasting power of this product because I couldn’t use the liquid concealer and the setting powder as the colours were way off, while the yellow-based cream was a disaster. The only shade I could work with – the peachy shade – didn’t fare very well; it wore off after 2-3 hours and my under-eye looked bare and dry.

At £4.99, this kit looked really affordable but I would recommend staying away. You’re better off getting something simpler – like just a regular concealer – for the price, than thinking that this kit would save you money by having everything in one kit.

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