Beauty Empties: 15 – 30 April 2017

Yet another empties post! Now that my empties posts are split into half-month cycles, I feel as though I am constantly writing empties posts! I don’t really mind because I really enjoy it – I am the weird person who loves keeping lists, and I love counting out how much items I’ve managed to emptied during the month. It’s a cheap thrill but I feel happy when I manage to use up a lot of items and when my stash looks visibly smaller!

1. WestLab Himalayan Salt
2. Evi-Line Dead Sea Salt

If you’ve seen a few of my previous empties post, then these 2 items won’t come as a surprise. I use up tons of bath salts and so usually opt for the cheaper ones in the market; these aren’t fancy and don’t come with a scent, but they work as salts should, I suppose.

3. RedKen Heatcure Treatment
This was supposed to heat up by itself to mimic how it’s done in salons where they apply heat when you do a hair treatment. I don’t know if I did anything wrong but it didn’t heat up at all. It still made my hair feel really nice and smooth though but the effect didn’t last past a day or two, and I think it’s a little too heavy so my hair was weighed down and flat.
4. Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower
The hubby’s preferred brand of shower gel because of the scents. I don’t usually like anything that smells minty but I don’t really mind this. It’s super cheap in the UK so whenever we pop by there on a weekend trip, I would bring home a few bottles.

5. Sensodyne ProGlasur Toothpaste
I haven’t found any other toothpaste brand that I love as much as Sensodyne and this is also my favourite type from the brand. It has a mild clean taste but without the minty smell or taste that almost every other brand loves putting in; I hate it when toothpastes have this extra minty or cooling feeling, or a pasty-mud texture – they make me gag.

6. Pantene Reparateur & Protecteur Shampoo
I used to use Pantene’s shampoos all the time but with new fancy brands on the market, somehow I forgot about them. This reminded me how much I used to love them. This is very affordable and my hair feels and looks really smooth and healthy. Will repurchase.

7. EvoLuderm Eau Micellaire Demaquillante
Not my favourite micellar water – this left a sort of semi-oily film on the skin, so I feel like I needed another rinse afterwards, and never seem to really clean make-up off very well. The redeeming part is that it’s very cheap for such a large bottle.

8. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner
9. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

A couple of travel size hair conditioners. I like the Aussie one a lot more – I could see a significant difference in the smoothness of my hair, but I wouldn’t call it a miracle, and it also feels rather heavy and weighs down my hair so I wouldn’t use it everyday. The Beauty Protector wasn’t very memorable so I don’t think it was as good. Will probably purchase a full size of the Aussie conditioner when I’ve used up the rest of my stash.

10. Molton Brown Body Wash in Silver Birch
11. Molton Brown Body Wash in Ylang-Ylang
12. Molton Brown Body Wash in Eucalyptus

I’ve almost used up all of my mini Molton Brown body washes that I received in a set of 10 over the holidays; all of them have pretty much the same effect – they smell nice and isn’t drying, but honestly they’re not super special and I wouldn’t pay the price for it.

13. Beauty Made Easy Lip Balm x 2
I haven’t used these up yet but I can’t bring myself to use them anymore. They have an intensely sweet scent, they are not very moisturising on the lips, and when I try to layer them there’s this white-ish layer on the lips that definitely doesn’t look flattering.

14. Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Resculpting Lift Cream
15. Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture

Another 2 small sample size tubes of skin care that I believe I got from my beauty box subscriptions. I like the Radical Skincare cream – it’s thick without being too heavy and it does feel rather moisturising, but the Gatineau cream wasn’t very memorable. That said, I probably wouldn’t purchase either because they just didn’t leave me very impressed.

I’ve been a little more merciless at culling out items that I won’t use lately, and hopefully I could reduce my stash further as we count down the next couple of months to the BIG MOVING DAY. Right now the size of my stash is still rather a headache and it is also going to be quite awkward because our shipping company will pack for us, which means that the packers would see my boxes and boxes of beauty items.

The last few months of empties posts plus the big push to reduce my huge stash has actually reminded me how I really don’t need so much ‘stuff’. I still feel the impulse to buy new and pretty makeup items, but I find myself thinking longer and harder about whether I truly need it and whether I have the space for it. I would definitely encourage everyone to at least write down a list of products that you’ve emptied and keep track of them for a few months – I think it will make you look at your shopping decisions a little differently!

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