The Lipstick Experiment – How Many Days Does It Take to Use Up a Lipstick? Part 4 & Finale!

If you’re not sure what The Lipstick Experiment is, please click here to check it out – basically I’m doing an experiment to test how many times you can use a lipstick until it’s gone. I put on the same lipstick once a day, with full application, just like how I would use it normally.

I’ve been putting up monthly updates for about 3 months but I’ve getting tired of this experiment – because having to put on the same lipstick everyday becomes quite boring after awhile and it slowly becomes a chore so I’ve sped things up in this final update.

I’ve been applying the same lipstick several times in the same day – the same procedure as I always do, making sure that its full application and looking perfect – and I always make sure to wipe off any remnants of the previous application before doing the next application so that the previous application is not affecting the new one.

Even though I tried to speed things up, this still took about 10 plus days, with about 5 to 6 applications a day, to complete because wiping off a full application of lipstick is actually very harsh on the lips. I tried to do 10 applications in a day once, and my lips were so sore afters mainly from the act of wiping it off.

As you can see, the lipstick was definitely showing signs of reaching the end, with one side of the lipstick at the end of the tube. I thought I would be done in just a few more applications but I never thought it would actually hold up much longer! It’s almost as if when it nears the end, the rate that the lipstick gets used up becomes even slower!

I didn’t actually completely used up the lipstick – I could have done this for a few more days by digging into the tube and scraping out what’s in there, which I think is quite a lot. But it’s just too troublesome. There’s also a tiny bit of lipstick still left, but at this point the sides of the lipstick tube was already scratching my lips when I’m applying it.

So this brings us to the end of the lipstick experiment! I’ve managed to get about 195 days of comfortable and easy full applications out of 1 lipstick, and I think it would at least be another 10 to 20 applications if I had bothered to dig out what’s left in tube with a lip brush. Also, I counted these in days – but they should really be “applications”, because usually when I use a lipstick, I would reapply a couple more times throughout the day. So if you reapply 3x a day, that would bring it to slightly over 2 months to use up a single lipstick!

Anyway, I hope this experiment was interesting and at least a little bit informative! I’m quite amazed at the findings – I’ve never really used up a lipstick before and I have never tracked my usage. I have hundreds of lipsticks and if you think about it, if all the lipsticks takes about 2 months to use up, I would never in my life finish up the lipsticks that I currently own!

What do you think of this experiment? Was it interesting for you? Are there anything else that you would like to see me do a similar experiment on?

6 thoughts

  1. Hey. I know I’m a bit late, but I would like to see something similar done with eyeshadows. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, but I’ve never used up a whole shadow. You could test with one of the regular round single shadows.


    1. hihi! oh wow so sorry i took so long to see this message!!!

      i would love to do one with eyeshadows but i will have to see how i could change the format of this series to make it a little faster otherwise i will be taking forever to do them hahaha =/


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