May Lippy Review: Clio Virgin Kiss Silkuid Lip in #6 Insane Red

I’ve been using this liquid lipstick for a long time, and have been wanting to talk about it for so long but I just kept putting it off and never got around to it. I’m so glad I started on this new challenge to put up a review of a lip product every weekday of May – it finally urged me on to do something about it! Hopefully it’s not too late – last I checked, it was still available!

I found this Clio Virgin Kiss Silkuid Lip in Watsons – a “drugstore” of sorts, at SGD22.90 – it sounds expensive, but it actually isn’t because prices are generally high in Singapore and this is the usual “drugstore” price range. There were 6 colors to choose from when I picked it up; #1 Mad Hatter, #2 Cheshire, #3 Cream Salmon, #4 Drink Me, #5 Godpink, #6 Insane Red. Today I’m reviewing it in the colour 6 Insane Red. And insanely red, it really is!

Insane red is a vibrant true red. It’s very pigmented, opaque with one swipe. However, this is a liquid lipstick so it’s wet – my natural reaction was to smudge my lips together immediately, which is a bad idea because that just moved the pigment around and made it patchy. It’s better to apply a thin layer from the applicator and let it dry down a little, before smacking your lips. I really like the applicator – it’s thin and long, and it’s very easy to apply an even layer of the liquid on the lips as well as ‘drawing’ a nice neat line.

The texture is quite weird; it’s obviously liquid, but thicker yet not oily or heavy, almost like a mousse. I would say that it dries down pretty fast but not immediate – I recommend waiting at least 5 seconds. It feels very lightweight once it dries down, and unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks, this is not sticky at all. There’s some feathering/bleeding but it’s not too bad or noticeable. This lasts a long time on my lips – definitely more than the usual 3-4 hours for a regular lipstick on me, and longer if I apply more coats after letting the first dry.

Please pardon my really horrible and messy looking lip swatch! I was feeling too lazy to redo – and it’s so pigmented that it’s really hard to remove and reapply anyway!

Honestly, I really wanted to like this more. There’s just so many great points about it – amazing lasting power, nice applicator, comfortable to wear, etc. But I find it a difficult colour to wear – sometimes it looks really beautiful, but when my skin is not looking its best or slightly more dull, this can accentuate the mess and it looks as if the colour is wearing me, rather than I’m wearing it. This is one of those products that I really have a love/hate relationship and I wish I could make it work everyday.

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