May Lippy Review: Lanolips 101 Ointment

This post took way too long and I definitely did not do it justice by procrastinating – after all, this was my lip saviour over the past winter. This product has been on the market for a long time and have hoards of raving reviews about it; I had no need of it until this last winter since I was living in a temperate climate previously and when I finally got it, my lips were in such bad shape I didn’t believe that this was going to be able to help that much.

The Lanolips 101 Ointment costs €13.45 for 15g of product, which is pretty pricey for something that is essentially a lip balm. It is marketed as having a range of 101 uses and holds 200% of its weight in moisture; it can be used to treat extremely chapped lips, dry cuticles and itchy skin, or to moisturise dry nasal passages, brittle nails and insect bites. It is free from parabens, petrolatum, PEG’s, mineral oil and sulphates.

So “lanolin” is actually wool grease, a product that wool-bearing animals produce to protect themselves from the cold by creating a waterproof barrier. Even though it’s supposed to have 101 uses, I mainly use this as a lip balm, and occasionally as a hand cream when my hands are freezing and cracking and I’ve forgetten to bring my real hand cream. But I generally find it too greasy for anything other than lip balm.

The texture is quite thick – as you can see in the picture, it actually retains “shape” after being squeezed out from the tube, so it’s not some slick and soft lip gloss texture. In Winter, when my bag and everything else in it becomes too cold, this actually “hardens” a little bit more and I have to use a little more effort to squeeze it out of the tube and use my finger to rub it into my lips. But now that it’s Spring, it’s a lot softer and slightly oilier.

I’ve already said earlier – this was my lip saviour in Winter. This stays on the lips for so long, and after a day of reapplication, my very chapped lips felt so much better and softer. It’s very close to what I would call a miracle worker – my already cracked lips obviously didn’t heal within a day, but the chapped skin on it softened visibly, so much that the white chapped pieces actually didn’t looked white anymore, and it didn’t hurt to move my lips.

I love this lip balm. I would highly recommend this and I’m definitely going to stock up on this when Winter comes around next! That said, I probably wouldn’t touch this outside of Winter because I think it would be too thick and oily.

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