Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box May 2017

A quick switch up this weekend from my month of Lip Reviews, today we are unboxing the LookFantastic Beauty Box for May 2017. This is the final box from the company for me after months of lousy customer service and just unsatisfying boxes. I’ve lost faith in the company because they basically outright lied, and I think trust is something that’s really hard to gain back and I won’t be shopping from them for a long time.

This month’s theme is “Get the Glow”, with products to “get glowing inside and out, with our mesmerising makeup and skincare selections”. As usual, the box came with the latest Elle magazine – which is my favourite item from the box every month, because I live in a French and Dutch speaking country with few English magazines, but I think it says something about the Beauty Box when my favourite item is not a beauty product included!

Item 1. Mellow Baked Eyeshadow in Cream | 3g
This is a really pretty shade – it’s cream in colour and gives a really nice shimmer. However, it feels slightly dry and weirdly blends out to nothingness easily, as if it just disappeared!

Item 2. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel | 7ml
This claims to have a unique blend of proteins that remove dead skin cells. My skin has been really sensitive lately – it hurts even when I use a cleanser that’s too drying – so I’m not sure if I will actually try this. I’ll wait a couple of months and see how the condition of my skin changes and if it’s ready to handle this.

Item 3. James Read Gradual Tan H2O Tan Mist | 30ml
This is supposed to hydrate and nourish the skin while imparting a hint of colour. I don’t like having a tanned face, but I will be testing this on my incredibly white legs.

Item 4. System Professional Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir | 30ml
Another hair conditioning oil. I’ve received a ton of hair oils and leave-in hair products from the LookFantastic Beauty Boxes over the last few months and there’s just no way of using them up. I’m really bored of them by now.

Item 5. Scrub Love Hydrating Coconut Oil Body Scrub in Coconut Cranberry | 100g
A natural exfoliant with 100% organic and roasted coffee and coconut oil. Usually I would love this, but I had another coffee scrub from the StyleTone box a few months back and it totally killed my bath’s drainage system. It’s been clogged up ever since and takes a million years to drain the water now, so I’m really worried about using another grainy body scrub.

Item 6. NuFace Prep-N-Glow
This is a dual-sided cleansing cloth with a soft cotton side to remove makeup and impurities, and an exfoliating side with micro-dots to polish skin. My skin is very sensitive right now so I’m worried about the exfoliation; I’ll probably pass this on to the hubby to try.

Item 7. Glov Hydro Demaquillage Quick Treat
This is made with hypoallergenic fibres to gently remove makeup and impurities – just moisten with water to use. This sounds like quite an interesting item to try and if it works out, probably a good item to travel with.

That’s it! 7 items, which is quite a good number of products and it’s pretty good in terms of value. But I’m really not feeling it – everything just feels rather “blah”. To be fair, the Glov quick treat will be interesting to try, but that’s it. Also, the eyeshadow was a disappointment – it looks so pretty in the pot and when first swatched, but it just disappears.

In all, I’m really not quite feeling this box and I’m so glad that this is my final one from LookFantastic, at least for some time.

5 thoughts

      1. Hmm. In this case, I hope they can include at least one full-size product. Allure Beauty Box cost $15 USD and they always have at least one full-size product (mostly makeup). Although it may not have as much as samples, that make me feel better. I am glad this is your last box. I hope they can improve.


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