Unboxing: StyleTone Beauty Box February 2017

Hi everyone and welcome back to another unboxing of the StyleTone Beauty Box! This month’s theme is “Welcome to the Circus”, with products that should come in handy when you are in the spotlight and some products to help get through the last part of Winter, and “when all else fails, join the circus”. I’m not sure what that means because it sounds really weird, perhaps there’s some translation errors at the StyleTone headquarters.

The StyleTone Beauty Box is from the Netherlands and promises 5 full size products each month at the cost of €12.50 if you live in Netherlands or €15 if you live in Belgium. They ship out the boxes every second Thursday of the month; for new subscribers, you will receive your first StyleTone box in the same month that you ordered.

Item 1. Nacomi Coffee Scrub
RRP: €5.50
This is made with Robusta coffee and is 100% vegan; it’s supposed to help with cellulite, stretch marks and dry skin. I love coffee and I love a good scrub, and I definitely wish I could get rid of my cellulite and stretch marks, so I can’t wait to try this!

Item 2. Lord & Berry Supreme Eyeliner in Smart Blue
RRP: €18
This is an extremely dark blue eyeliner, so dark that it’s almost black. I wish it wasn’t so dark; I have a lot of black eyeliners but a blue one (that looks blue) would be a nice change.

Item 3. Emite Make Up Diamond Heart Creme
RRP: €29
This is a strobing cream that can be mixed with foundation, or worn as a primer for glowing skin. I don’t find the strobing effect very strong, but it does give a nice glowing finish when used with a just a bit of foundation (if you have relatively spotless skin). It feels like a thick cream but doesn’t feel so when applied. Definitely will be giving this another better try.

Item 4. Manna Kadar Lip-locked Priming Lip Wand in J’adore
RRP: €22.50
A really pretty peachy-mauve shade; this has a built-in primer so there’s no need for another lip primer. Honestly, I don’t usually prime my lips anyway but I do love the shade.

Item 5. Manna Kadar Lash Primer
RRP: €19.95
A primer that helps to lengthen and condition lashes, or can be worn at night as a conditioner. I don’t use lash primers – it’s like an extra step but I will try it as a conditioner.

That’s it! Five full size items and most of them looks quite interesting or would be useful. I’m quite happy with this month’s box and I can’t wait to start trying the coffee scrub. I do like my first try at using the Emite cream as a primer; it’s really rare that I get glowing skin given how dry it is but I will need to wear it for longer to see if it really works out.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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