Beauty Review: Eylure Starter Kit – Naturals No. 020

You know that moment when you finally understand something? That’s what I had when I tried out these lashes. I thought I was just really crap at applying fake eyelashes, but I didn’t realise that I wasn’t buying the right lashes. I’ve tried lashes from lots of brands, though mostly the cheaper ones as I didn’t want to splurge on something I couldn’t really use (which is kind of a circular problem because I didn’t know that the cheaper ones were also much harder to apply and therefore I didn’t know how to use them).

This kit here, the Starter Kit in Naturals, includes one pair of lashes, two small bottles of glue, a plastic lash applicator and an extra practice lash. I love how they included an extra practice lash, because practice makes perfect and if I screwed up the first time, I would still have a full set of lashes. I sort of wish they would sell sets with alternate practice lash – so if I bought two boxes, I could make it 3 sets rather than 2 sets with two extra right lashes.

When I put these on, it was a one-shot hit. I only had to attach it once, and it fit perfectly along my lash line. The lashes are naturally curved, and flexed easily as you push the sides down to attach to your lash line. I love the plastic lash applicator – it looks rather gimmicky at first and I have actually purchased something like that before that didn’t work out, but somehow this worked one really well. I can’t apply lashes with tweezers as I can never ‘balance’ the lashes properly, while it’s really easy to hold these lashes at midpoint without pinching it and balance it long enough to apply it to the middle of my own lash line.

The set I bought is “Naturals”, so obviously it looks very natural, almost as if I don’t have any fake eyelashes on as they are rather short and sparse, but it did give slightly more definition. It’s also a lot more curved than my natural lashes, as you can see in the picture. I don’t have a single tinge of makeup on, so it looks slightly out of place (and my eyebrows is in serious need of plucking) but I swear with some makeup it will totally blend in. It is also very slightly tapered, with the lashes being slightly longer on the outside.

This whole set costs €7.95, but there’s usually some sort of deal on them such as buy 2 get 1 free, or some sort of discount if you bought more than two, so look out for the discounts. I highly recommend giving this a try if you’ve never managed to put on fake eyelashes properly – it’s not you, it’s the lashes! I’m a total Eylure convert now!

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