Taking a Coffee Break; Be Right Back

Hi everyone! I just wanted to quickly hop on here today to let everyone know that I’m taking a break – we are going on a long road trip! I’m actually already one week into our 1.5 months vacation across Europe. 🙂 It took me a while to put up this post because I thought I would be still be able to post regularly without anyone noticing that I was gone, but our trip is ramping up and I didn’t have much time to post even in our first week!

So the plan is to travel for 1 or 2 weeks, return home to freshen up for a couple of days, and then repeat that process for the next 1.5 months. Also, at the same time, we will also be packing up (in one of those rare couple of days back in Belgium) and moving across Europe back to Asia. So it’s going to be a really busy 1.5 months!

I’m now really unsure if I will have time to post during this break – I will try my best to do so but I will probably be really busy packing for the next trip as well as packing up the entire house into a shipping container (or at least oversee it). I really enjoy blogging but I do want to enjoy my vacation with the husband and he is the priority for me.

But I will definitely be back in full force in July! So please stay with me and I hope to bring you more interesting posts! 🙂

Photo Credits: Cyril Saulnier

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