What’s in my Bathroom Cabinet?

A quick post on what’s in my bathroom cabinet – because I’ve just done a clean up last week and am feeling rather proud of it at this moment so I want to show it while it still looks nice and neat, and the way I’ve arranged it works for now. It’s still a little crowded, but there are a few items that are nearly empty so hopefully I will be able to use them up in the following month and it will start looking a little more manageable.

I won’t be going through all the products because it will be a 50-page post. I have organised the cabinet by categories – I love little containers from Daiso because they are cheap and convenient. In the first level I usually have 2 spare toilet rolls, because I don’t have the space to put all of them in the toilet. I also have a box of cream/liquid face masks; I keep my stash of facial sheet masks in another drawer by my bed, since I don’t use them in the toilet.

Also in the first level, I have some hair stuff – mainly hair care such as hair serum and hair oils, and the odd dry shampoo, brush cleaners and jewelry cleaning tools. I don’t usually keep my hair styling products in the cabinet because I usually use them with the hair dryer, which is kept in another room. I clean my brushes in the toilet but it’s not the best place to dry them; there’s no space in the toilet for tables so for now I dry them in the kitchen.

In the second level I have a huge collection of facial oils, serums and “boosters” on the left. It might look a little crazy, but I actually do use nearly all of them. I use a different combination of oils and serums depending on how my skin is feeling that day – if it’s extra dry then I would mix some oils with hyaluronic acid, or I feel a pimple attack coming on then I would dab on some tea tea oil. It’s kind of like being a mad scientist but I find it really fun and the process actually relaxes me and preps me for bedtime.

I also have some moisturisers – much less than the oils and serums, because I find them less flexible for mixing and matching as their main job is to moisturise. There’s a few toners and hydrating sprays; I use the hydrating sprays in place of toner when my skin is too dry. There’s also a couple of makeup cleansers but I usually have a bottle of micellar water and other regular cleansers on top of the sink for quicker access.

The last level is the most boring but one of the most important – this is where I keep my cotton pads, cotton earbuds and some floss. I also have a tray of cloth sheets – where I can custom make my own facial sheet masks by soaking it with a combination of hydrating lotion and serums. I also keep my sunblock here for quick access on days I want to take a dip in the pool in the condo, which is only 2 floors down.

What do you have in your bathroom cabinet? Do you also mix and match your skincare products according to the condition of your skin on that day?

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