Beauty Review: Estee Lauder #LoveLipRemix Kit #2

To be honest, I have never been excited to try Estee Lauder’s beauty products. To me, they come across more as a skincare brand, and their makeup tends to be targeted towards older women. But during last month’s online sales, I saw this set on the Sephora website – it looks rather classy but not old fashioned, and rather fresh and pretty. It was also really affordable – at S$54 for a set of 3 full size lipsticks, so I thought I’d give them a try.

The #LoveLipRemix Kit #2 is a limited edition set of 3 full size lipsticks in creme, chrome, and matte finishes. You’re encouraged to mix and match the lipsticks, and the creme and chrome lipsticks are supposed to have a balmy texture, while the matte is richer. The three colours included are (as pictured from left to right) Radical Chic (edgy creme), Pocket Venus (cooled chrome) and Hot Streak (ultra matte).

Radical Chic is a bright medium pink with a creme finish, and I absolutely love this colour and the formula. It’s very smooth and buttery, and my lips felt so wonderfully smooth and moisturized while wearing it. It really does feel more like a lip balm than a lipstick, but the wonderful full coverage of a lipstick. It didn’t last very long – a couple of hours, and couldn’t get through a meal, but it’s common with me and creme lipsticks. This is my favourite shade in the set – somehow it seems to brighten up my face.

Pocket Venus is a dark purplish grape with some pink/gold shimmers; at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to use this much but the colour is actually very light – I’ve been using this as a topper to add shine on matte lipsticks and deepen brighter lipsticks. I actually think this is perfect for the festive season, and it looks wonderful on top of many colours.

Hot Streak is a matte orange red. It’s slightly on the drier side and isn’t as opaque on the first swipe but builds up to full coverage. It’s not moisturising but doesn’t feel uncomfortable or drying. I also feel as though the texture is on the thinner side – some matte lipsticks tend to be thicker to “cling” onto the lips but this works without the thickness. This lasted the longest on me – around halfway through a meal, or a nice 4-5 hours.

There are some instructions on the box – to apply Radical Chic on top lip and Hot Streak on the bottom then press lips together and blow a kiss to blend. Or just to mix and create your own lip look. I tried it once, and it looks really pretty and also because I’ve mixed the matte and creme, it is more comfortable on the lips as well. But personally, I’m too lazy to do that every time and I like the colours individually anyway.

In all, I’m so happy to have picked up this set because I absolutely love the formula. I would love to pick up more colours, especially in the edgy creme formula, but individually these lipsticks cost S$36 so that’s pretty expensive! If you can get them in a set at such an awesome price, I would definitely recommend it!

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