Makeup Destash: The Eyeshadow Edition

As I mentioned earlier in a previous destashing post, as part of my effort to boost my own mood, I thought it was a good idea to clear out my makeup stash. I hoard beauty products, I hoard pretty notebooks, and I hoard cute stationery; sometimes when I’m already in a bad mood, it all comes back to bite me because I feel so… crushed under all the things I have and at a loss as to where to begin. Now it’s time to clear out the eyeshadows!

1. NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow in UP1 Green Eyes Pearl
2. NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow in UP09 Lime Pearl
3. NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow in UP06 Bronze Pearl
4. NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow in UP17 Ocean Pearl

I got these a long time ago in a huge online sale but never really used them because they really weren’t great. The pigmentation sucked – it’s quite light and looked patchy so there’s no point in keeping them and taking up space.

5. CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Fard Accent in 222 Drama Eyes
This is my first ever eyeshadow from CoverGirl. I had heard quite good things about CoverGirl and wanted to try it; unfortunately my experience of this was nothing but mediocre. It went on really patchy, and the pigmentation was weak.

4. MUA Eye Shadow in Shade 16
5. No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in 05 Island Sea

A couple of single eyeshadows that were not great and I never use them. The MUA eyeshadow is very powdery and doesn’t blend well. The No7 is a weird bright blue with a rather hard texture that is quite difficult to pick up colour and I never use it.

6. Bourjois Intense Smokey Liner & Eyeshadow in 62 Violet Constelle
This contained eyeshadows and a cream liner but the liner dried out, which is not surprising given the packaging, and fell out. The eyeshadows were hard in texture and not very pigmented; it also applied rather patchy.

7. Stila Merry & Bright Collectible Holiday Palette in Lillium
I’ve had this for a really long time – longer than I dare to check. I really loved the cream blush but as with creams I’m scared of using them when they’re too old. The eyeshadows are useless – the little pans are very difficult to reach, and the pigmentation was weak.

8. NYC IndividualEyes in 945 Midtown Mauve
Another brand that I had heard good things about but reality disappointed me. This was “created for brown eyes”, whatever that means, and the texture was hard, it was difficult to get any pigment off the pan. Not recommended.

9. Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof in 070 Blue Berrymore
10. Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder in Champagne Gold

The catrice eye pencil dried out and fell out of the tube. The Shara Shara powder was so light and fluffy that it was so difficult to use – it just went everywhere and refused to stick, and there was a lack of base colour so it didn’t really look like it was there.

11. Too Faced The Return of Sexy
I actually really liked this palette – great texture, very buttery smooth with strong pigmentation, really pretty shades, but unfortunately for some reason there was mould growing on it. So this definitely had to go.

12. Tarte Amazon Escape Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette
Another palette that had mould on it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the formula or because of the weather in Singapore which is hot and humid thus encouraging mould growth. But I have had this for quite a while and I rarely reach for it so it wasn’t a great loss.

I know throwing things out is not the solution, but to me, it’s therapeutic and I’m taking one step at a time. And I do like my makeup area a lot more when it’s less cluttered – there’s less to choose from but that also means there’s less decisions to be made.

To be honest, I kind of miss those days before I started hoarding makeup, where I had a lot less. I think I appreciated what I had a lot more because I had very little and I made very good use with what I had. Looking at all the things I’ve thrown out – items that were lying around unused for so many years, it definitely makes me think of how much money I’ve wasted. Hopefully the next time I’m itching to buy another eyeshadow or palette, I would think of this post.

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