Makeup Destash: The Face Liquids & Creams Edition

Following from last year’s clearout, I’ve had some time lately to continue purging old stuff out. Also, I wasn’t happy with how some of the categories were cleaned up while others aren’t – I’m a little OCD so when I start on a destashing, I have to do it throughout everything. So here goes my makeup destash for liquids and creams for the face.

I don’t have much to clear out for this category because I don’t buy new primers or foundations often and I tend to use up what I buy. It’s much easier to use them up since it’s used on a bigger surface area as compared to a lipstick or eyeshadow. I also don’t like buying colour cosmetics for the face in liquid or cream form as I live in a hot climate and they spoil faster as well as melt off my face once I step out of the house.

1. Boots Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright
This claims to soften and brighten for instantly radiant skin; I liked the texture which is light and sinks in quickly but didn’t think that it really brightened my skin. Unfortunately this laid forgotten at the back of my vanity table and the texture now looks weird.

2. Laura Geller Spackle Supercharged Fortified Under Makeup Primer
I got this in a Look Incredible box. Wasn’t really impressed – I think it did nothing to smooth out the look of my skin and I think it broke me out.

3. BBIA Blush in #02 Downy Peach
4. Bourjois Bronzing Primer
5. Evelynona Natural & Organic Cream Blush in Ash

Three really old cream colour products that’s way past their expiry dates. I really don’t like the colour of the BBIA blush so I’ve barely used it. I really loved the Bourjois bronzing primer but haven’t used it in the last couple of years when I cut down on trying to look like I’ve had a tan; it is a great product though but I don’t use it for contouring. I got the Evelynona blush from a beauty box but it is in the tiniest pot and is too difficult to dig out and use.

6. Revecen Face Control Foundation in 002 Violet
7. Revecen Face Control Foundation in 001 Mint

Two face “foundations” that I received in a korean beauty box that I used to be crazy about a long time ago. These definitely do not work like foundations – it’s supposed to counter skin issues like dullness or redness with the violet and green colour but honestly they just sat on my skin and made me look like a purple or green alien.

After doing this post, I’ve just realised how many items I hate came from Beauty Boxes! That, and also the fact that many items I own came from Beauty Boxes. I went through a stage in my life where I was totally in love with the surprise of Beauty Boxes – I still really like them but back then I was basically obsessed – and I had nearly ten boxes a month. It’s quite scary to think of it now but back then I was spending over 20% of my salary on beauty boxes.

Even though I didn’t clear out many items in this destash, I think it was really useful – it made me realised how wasteful I have been and also a good reminder that beauty boxes often send out crappy and unwanted items. It’s not to say that I will stop buying beauty boxes; I’m pretty sure that I still will but I’m definitely not going to go back to ten boxes a month! If I do, please comment and remind me about this post!

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