Beauty Review: Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette Pressed

I can’t believe I’ve had this Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette lying around in my desk since getting it over Christmas and never got around to using it until now! I actually bought and received a lot of contouring items over the holidays and have been slowly testing each item. I was a pretty late starter to the contouring and highlight game – I could never get it to work because my face was extremely round a few years back so no matter how I try to contour, it just looks like I tanned the sides of my still-round face.

The truth was I had to take steroids for years for a chronic disease and the side effects was that I had a moon face. My disease has gotten better over the last few years and my doctor finally weaned me off steroids, but the moon face took awhile to subside. So now that I have a normal, or less round, face, I can finally contour and I am going crazy with it! My face is still round but now I have a visible chin and a slightly visible outline of my facial bones; when I had a moon face, I looked like a chipmunk with some food hidden in her cheeks.

This palette has 2 shades – 6.25g of Lowlight and 3.1g of Highlight, and costs S$64. It’s a decent amount of product for the price; a full size highlighter is 8g and costs S$58, so the price for this palette is very reasonable to me. I also like that there’s more Lowlight than Highlight, because I do have to contour more parts of my face than I have to highlight.

The “Lowlight” part of the palette is a dark brown colour; this is truly my favourite part of the palette because the contour does not have any redness or orangeness in it, which makes it perfect as a contour shade. It is, however, very intense and pigmented; this needs to be used with a light hand. It’s much easier to start lightly and slowly build it up, than with a strong blotch on the face which could be quite hard to blend out because of its intensity.

I’m around NC30 in foundation, and I do have to put in a little effort to blend it out to look natural on my skintone as it is quite dark; I expect the colour to be too dark on very light skintones but should work well for people who are similar to my shade and a couple of shades darker than me. Personally I really like this contour shade; it’s one of the most natural contour I own because of its lack of redness, which makes it look like a natural shadow. It’s definitely not something that you want to bronze with though.

The “Highlight” part of this palette is actually their Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal. I didn’t realise it at first and only found out when I looked it up on their official website when I was writing up this review. I already own Opal and perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me but I found my original Opal to the slightest bit darker.

I like the Opal in this palette more than my original one – it’s a pale champagne gold, and really brightens up wherever I highlight. The highlighter does have a very strong sheen so I would recommend going in with a light hand and slowly build it up to the ‘strength’ that you want. The powder is very soft and butter, and blends so beautifully. It doesn’t have any shimmer bits so I think it’s a beautiful sheen when the light hits it.

In all, I’m really super happy with this palette. As I was taking photos of it, I thought it looks kind of boring – it’s just a contour and a highlight shade with a very simple packaging. But I love it – the contour shade does a wonderful job at faking jawlines that I don’t really have and the highlight is gorgeous; the two shades really complement each other and the packaging is slim and sleek while rather sturdy so it is perfect to travel with.

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