Beauty Empties: 15 – 28 February 2018

I used up a surprisingly large amount of products in the last half of February 2018; by “used up” of course I didn’t mean literally using up the entire amount within that time – most of them only had a couple of uses left and I wanted to clear out my stash in order to welcome the new (lunar) new year. There’s just something wonderful about not bringing too much old stuff into the new year and making space to welcome new. Anyway, let’s check it out!

1. Innisfree Camellia Essential Shampoo
I enjoyed this. It’s a clear shampoo which usually means drying for me but surprisingly it wasn’t. It’s quite easy to lather up and it’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair yet my hair felt really nice, soft and smooth after using. Will repurchase.

2. Caviar Repair X Fill & Fix Treatment Masque
I’ve been having relatively good luck with hair products this month and have liked most that I tried. This is also really nice and made my hair very smooth and soft; the only downside is that my hair was also quite flat even though it didn’t feel weighed down.

3. Simple Soothing Facial Toner
I’ve used up a fair number of these before. It’s a toner that I always return to when my skin is feeling sensitive or dry. It’s very affordable, feels refreshing and doesn’t dry out my skin.

4. Lierac Mesolift Creme
Not a fan. It feels unnecessary thick and heavy for me.

5. Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam
This was quite a nice cleansing foam – doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. I love how Innisfree always give out mini travel sizes of these with purchase.

6. Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator
7. StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

2 items that I weren’t really crazy about. I thought the Murad hydrator was a little too watery to be hydrating, whereas the StriVectin-SD eye cream was too heavy for the eye area.

8. Laura Geller Baked N Brighten Foundation in Fair
I’ve used up full sizes of this before and I really do like it. I don’t like Laura Geller’s cream or liquid products but I seem to have rather good luck with her powder products. This gave decent coverage without being too heavy and does seem to brighten the look. The overall finish reminds me a lot of MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish, which is more accessible so when I find myself in need of repurchasing something similar I would usually choose MAC.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 5 Medium
It took awhile for me to finish this but that was because I’ve been saving it for special occasions only; unfortunately it’s finally come to the end. It’s a really beautiful medium coverage foundation which seems to cover pretty much all my flaws but still look very natural and does not feel heavy at all. When I first got it, I thought it was a little too matte but my skin has been a little less dry in recent months and this sits beautifully on my skin. I’m honestly truly upset about not having it anymore and I can’t wait to repurchase it.

10. Pur Minerals Disappearing Act in Light
Really didn’t like this – it’s in a slightly lighter shade than my skintone and it just sits on top of my skin being totally obvious. It’s not dry but it just doesn’t get blended into the skin.

11. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal
I have a few of this in various sizes and palettes and Opal appears to be a little different in each. I thought this mini version was a little darker than my full size or bronzer-highlight palette. I didn’t technically use it all up – I dropped it and it shattered all over my floor.

12. Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Luminizer Gel
Usually I like tiny bottles like this but this had a very short brush tip and a round fat bottle, which makes getting product out a challenge. It also had a slightly thicker texture which I find does not blend out into the natural look that I usually go for. After months of neglect, this has somehow thickened further in the bottle so I won’t be trying to use it anymore.

13. Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Apple Yogurt
Not my favourite mask; I generally prefer sheet masks for hydration.

14. Watsons Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes
I haven’t actually used this on my face – I’ve been using it to wipe off swatches on my hands when I’m writing up a blog post.

15. Glov
Got this in a beauty box a few months ago – it’s a tiny glove that you fit over your fingers and it is supposed to help remove makeup with just water. Honestly I think the finger-version is absolutely stupid and ridiculous.

16. Mikimoto MoonPearl Cleansing Foam x3
17. Mikimoto MoonPearl Cleansing Cream x2
18. Mikimoto MoonPearl Moisture Rich Lotion II

Used up a few more sachets of these skincare products that I picked up from a hotel in Japan. I don’t really have a very strong impression of them since they’re tiny sachets.

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our empties post! I think it’s actually quite incredible that I’ve used up 18 products given that 1) it’s only half a month, 2) there are less days in February, and 3) it was a whirlwind month with the Chinese New Year festivities so my mind was mainly on getting through with visiting all the relatives.

I’m on a cleaning craze these days and to be honest, I feel that a little bit of those past gloomy thoughts are trying to creep back into my life so I have been using some of the techniques I picked up when I fought them off the last couple of months to deal with it – and that includes cleaning up the house or getting rid of things that don’t add joy to my life.

Anyway, have you done any spring cleaning lately too or used up any products?

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