The High-Low Beauty Battle: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz vs Colourpop Brow Boss

I wanted to switch things up a little bit from the usual beauty reviews and do a little high-end versus low-cost battle – and to start, we are going to look at some brow products! Today, I have the Anastasia Brow Wiz for the high-end item compared to the low-cost item which is the Colourpop Brow Boss. I’m selecting 2 of my favourites from each end of the spectrum here as I wanted to compare them and see if it was worth the price difference.

The ABH Brow Wiz that I have is in the shade Ebony, which is a little darker than my natural hair but it still manages to look natural because I can draw it on rather naturally because of how thin the pencil is, although I do look slightly fiercer than normal. I’ve been using the ABH Brow Wiz for quite awhile now – I like the extremely thin ends; it is the thinnest brow pencil I own. The nib is quite hard, which is quite common for brow pencils. The lasting power is great – I never have to redo my brows during the day.

The Colourpop Brow Boss that I have is in Dark Brown, which is just the tiniest bit darker than my natural brow hair with a brown/red undertone. Compared to Brow Wiz, this is closer to my natural colour so it looks slightly less stark against my skin so it’s more natural but this is more of a colour concern than quality of the pencil. It is slightly thicker – but you really wouldn’t notice. The nib is also quite hard though I would say it takes a little more force to get colour. The lasting power is also really good – I never have to redo my brows.

In terms of packaging, the two products are very similar – they both have the liner on one end and a brow brush on the other end. Unfortunately, the ABH Brow Wiz is a little skinnier and I suppose that’s why it’s more fragile – the brush end broke off after being in my makeup bag for 2 days despite keeping the cap on, while the Colourpop Brow Boss still has the brow brush firmly on its end; thankfully none of the pencils part have broken.

ABH Brow Wiz has 0.085g of product and comes in 10 shades while Colourpop Brow Boss has 0.08g of product and comes in 4 shades, so there is the tiniest difference in quantity but a large difference in colour offering. In terms of price, Brow Wiz costs US$21 and Brow Boss costs US$5 so given the amount of product, the price difference is really big – but is the quality difference really worth the large price difference?

To me, I think Anastasia has the better pencil very marginally but as a total package, Colourpop won. Brow Boss was sturdier in packaging which is very important to me because I travel a lot and I don’t want to be carrying around an extra brow brush. In terms of the pencil quality, they are extremely on par – there are no differences in lasting power and the ease of using was very close. But Anastasia does have a wider shade range so it might be easier to find the perfect match – though I actually found mine with Colourpop.

If you could find the perfect match, I would recommend Colourpop Brow Boss because I don’t think the marginal quality difference was worth the price gap. But if you’re just looking for a better colour match but something of very similar quality, then ABH would work as a great choice but with a higher price tag.

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    1. haha i wish i could do the same! but i have a weird gap in each side of my otherwise very thick brows – it just refuses to grow hair in that small gap – so i always have to fill it up or i would look like i have 4 brows 😦 but i honestly just really fill in the gap and little bits here and there so i go through my pencils really really slowly…

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