Beauty Review: Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere

Well this review was supposed to be up a few days ago but once again I let life take over, which is not always a bad thing because there is beauty with just going with the flow. I had a family-filled week – lots of birthday dinners so there was a lot of good food involved, and where there’s good food it usually means more opportunity for me to test drive makeup because I get to dress up beautifully for swanky restaurants. Anyway, what I’ve been testing this time is the Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere.

When I made my first Viseart purchase, there were 5 different eyeshadow palettes in the Theory Palette series but I’ve seen updates that there are 2 new additions which are Siren and Absinthe; if those were available when I made the purchase, then I would totally have bought them instead, especially Absinthe because I am obsessed with greens. But they were not, so I picked palettes that I would work with the most since they are quite expensive.

I would describe Cashmere as a palette that is meant for everyday or work wear. There are definitely ways to vamp it up, but it is also a palette that you could easily reach for to do a quick work look. It’s very neutral, with 6 shades that are 2g each which brings the total product to 12g. I got this for £33.33 from the Cult Beauty website, as tax was taken off for international shipping, but if you live in the UK then this would cost you £40 instead.

Like the Petit Pro I palette, Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere has half matte and half shimmer shades. In terms of quality, all the shadows have extremely good pigmentation. Similar to the Petit Pro I palettes, the mattes are drier to the touch than the shimmer shades; the shimmer shades just feel like cream – so buttery and soft – when swatched. But all of them apply very smoothly on the eye and was very easy to blend.

For the matte row from left to right, there is a cream beige, medium coffee brown, and a deep brown. Across the matte shades, they are very buttery and applied smoothly. I thought the beige was just a tad more powdery than the other two shades, which I fixed by tapping off any excess on my brush, but otherwise I had a flawless application with them. I love how wonderfully these matte shades blended and how smooth they felt.

For the shimmer row from left to right, there is a champagne, cool tan, and a medium taupe. I love the tan and taupe shades. I like that there are no discernible sparkle bits in the shimmer shades, and they are incredibly soft and buttery. The pigmentation is very good.

All of the shadows lasted very well on me, with no fallouts for any shade. I’ve worn this to work as well as to a long birthday dinner party and I haven’t detected any fading. I do wear a primer though, but it’s more of a habit than a need. I like that for both matte and shimmer shades, there is a range from light to deep colours within the same family of colours so it is easily a standalone palette without any need to pull in other palettes to complete a look.

If you love neutral shades, this will be a lovely palette to add to your collection; if you have a large collection of makeup like me, you might find that these shades are not very special. However, I do think that the quality is incredible and the way that they are put together in one palette makes it so idiot-proof that I could do an eye look while blurry-eyed at 7am in the morning and the great quality of these shadows made it that no way I could screw it up.

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