Beauty Review: Viseart Theory Palette in Minx

Well it’s been awhile since I put up the last post – the past few weeks was madness! It wasn’t intentional – but while I was away I had a good thinking with what I wanted with my blog and decided that I wouldn’t be too hard on myself for disappearing every now and then. It’s really an outlet for me, but I always find myself apologising or explaining when I don’t put up a post once in a while – which is really unnecessary but I can’t help myself.

Anyway, the 3rd palette from Viseart that I’m going to review is the Viseart Theory Palette in Minx. If you’ve missed it, I’ve previously reviewed the Viseart Petit Pro I Eyeshadow Palette and Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere, which I really loved and have been using them so much. I hope everyone is not bored with Viseart yet because I have more to come!

Just like Cashmere, I would describe the Viseart Theory Palette in Minx as a palette that is meant for everyday wear, but more warm tone. There are 6 shades that are 2g each which brings the total product to 12g. I got this for £33.33 from the Cult Beauty website, as tax was taken off for international shipping, but if you live in the UK then this would cost £40 instead. Again like the Cashmere palette, Minx has 3 matte and 3 shimmer/satin shades.

For the matte row from left to right, there is a peachy cream beige, medium dark reddish brown, and a deep reddish brown. When you put it side by side with the Cashmere palette, you could see that the mattes are very obviously warmer in tone. Across the matte shades, they are very finely-milled and very pigmented; they are not as smooth or buttery as the shimmer shades, but applied beautifully and blends easily.

For the shimmer row from left to right, there is a metallic warm golden copper, metallic warm orange copper, and a warm burgundy brown. Personally I’m not a fan of the orange shade, but I love the golden copper and burgundy brown. Even though they are metallic shades, I find them to be easily worked into a work look but could be vamped up afters. The metallic shades are incredibly buttery in texture with great pigmentation.

All of the shadows lasted well throughout a long work day, with no fallouts. All of them blend out beautifully, and I love how the matte and metallic shades work so well together – I sometimes find it a harder to blend eyeshadows of different textures but I never have any problems with these. I also love that like other Theory palettes, this has a range of light to deep shades from the same family of colours so it’s really easy to mix and match.

I don’t love this palette as much as Cashmere, mainly because it’s a little too warm for me. But there is really nothing I could criticise about the quality – the textures are beautiful, blends out wonderfully, and lasts so well. I like how travel friendly it is, and how it really could be the one palette that I would need on a short holiday without having to pull in other palettes. They are expensive though, so I would recommend checking first if the tone works for you. If you love warm tones, then this could be the ideal palette for you.

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