Beauty Review: 3CE Blush Cushion in #Soft Brown

A really quick review today on the 3CE Blush Cushion in #Soft Brown; I’ve been trying this out for the last couple of weeks and have some time on my hands today to share some thoughts. I wanted to try this in soft brown as I’ve gotten into the practice of contouring these days, and thought that a blush cushion could be an easy option for days that I’m on the go, perhaps on the train to work, because I don’t have to fuss with a brush as well as powder flying everywhere onto my fellow commuters.

This comes in a standard cushion compact where there’s a cushion that’s soaked with product, an air-tight cover within the compact that prevents the product from drying out and a puff. The actual casing for the cushion is removable, but I haven’t seen any refills being sold so I don’t understand why they bothered. This is actually in a smaller cushion size as compared to a normal cushion foundation, and the compact colour is representative of the shade inside. Personally I find the packaging to be quite cute and I prefer the smaller packaging because who needs to carry around multiple full size cushion compacts?

First off, I will admit that I’m not a fan of blush cushions because I haven’t really found one that I could blend very well without totally blending it away. Sadly this little blush cushion also fell into that category; even though at first pat it appears as a darker shade than my natural skin, once blended it disappears as if I didn’t put anything at all. I ended up with either the option of not blending and letting it appear like a dark streak across my face, or blending it and letting it appear as though I have not used anything at all. There was no middle ground for me here as I could not get it to show without it looking as though I had just simply painted it on and even a slight blending makes it totally disappear.

Sadly, this cushion did not work for me. Perhaps the colour was too light for me – but my face is even lighter than my hands and it does appear as a dark streak across my face when I don’t blend it but once blended it still did not show up on my face. The texture is actually really nice – it’s nice and light without being sticky. I don’t know about the lasting power as I can’t see anything there. I’m still trying to see how I could make it work – perhaps with a brush, or letting it dry down a little first; if I get any better results then I will report back, but until then this was quite a let down for me.

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