Beauty Review: Viseart Theory Highlighter, Blush, & Bronzer in 01 Enamored

I’ve been a very big fan of Viseart’s eyeshadow palettes since I bought my first one a few months ago, but along with my very first purchase I actually also got the Viseart Theory Highlighter, Blush, & Bronzer in 01 Enamored and never got around to even try it out. It just lay forgotten at the back of my drawer, so when I saw it a few days ago I thought I should quickly get on here and share some thoughts about it!

Viseart Enamored Theory Highlighter, Blush, & Bronzer Palette retails for £40 on Cult Beauty; I got it for less since I had tax taken off as a non-UK customer. There’s 9g of product with equal distribution between the Highlighter, Blush, and Bronzer (so 3g each).

The packaging is similar to the other theory palettes, so if you are like me and love items being in the same shape and size then it would appeal to you. It’s very compact and in sturdy cardboard, so I like it as I travel a lot but I would imagine some people not being happy with the fact that it’s just cardboard when the price is so high. Personally, I find the cardboard protects the product well enough, and there’s a reasonable size mirror in it.

The highlighter is a very light opalescent pink that looks pretty metallic when heavily swatched. However, it looks more natural when directly applied on the cheekbones – I don’t think it will look metallic on the cheeks unless you go crazy and start building it up intensely. This has rather good pigmentation, and feels very soft and smooth and did not contain any sparkles. I don’t find it very flattering on my skintone though, as it runs too pink and stark on my skin. The good news for me and bad news for lovers of this shade is that I find the lasting power to be rather weak; I couldn’t see it anymore after 1 hour of application.

The blush is a medium warm coral plum with a matte finish. I thought the blush would be my favourite of this palette but sadly I was disappointed with the texture. It is very powdery – there was a lot of powder coming loose regardless of whether you were swatching with your fingers or with a brush. Despite its good pigmentation, I had a lot of problems applying it – even though it is very finely milled, it applied very patchy, especially if you have uneven skin texture on the cheeks. This lasted well on me, pretty much through half a day out.

The bronzer is a warm medium brown with a satin finish. I find that when applied it has just a slight orange tone, which looks quite good as a traditional bronzer (over places where the sun would normally hit) and not so good as a contour – but it is called a bronzer and not a contour, so I think as a bronzer it is actually a very lovely shade. The bronzer was the best performer out of the 3 products in this palette for me – it went on the skin smoothly, blended out beautifully, has great pigmentation, and stayed on the whole day.

I wanted very much to love this palette, since I haven’t met a Viseart eyeshadow palette that I didn’t love, but unfortunately I don’t. The highlighter shade was not flattering for me and had very poor staying power while the blush had great staying power but applied patchy; the only item that performed well is the bronzer but I don’t usually use a lot of bronzer. I’m sad to say that I feel let down by this palette and I don’t recommend it; if you want to try something from Viseart, just pick up any other eyeshadow palette instead.

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  1. I love the Viseart eyeshadows and was wanting to try (and love) this palette that you have featured in your blog post, But your post has definitely deterred me from trying the palette! Thank you for saving me my money! XO!


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