Beauty Review: Jouer Jet-Set Lip Kit in Le Rose

I’ve always loved tiny products, mostly because they look oh-so-cute but partly because I have so much makeup that I never seem to finish any so a tiny one makes me feel as though I am wasting less money. I know, the better way is to not buy any, but since that is not happening, at least I’m spending less to do what I definitely will do. Anyway, I can’t resist a mini set when I see one so I had to grab this Jouer Jet Set Lip Kit in Le Rose; this costs £16.67 from Cult Beauty for non-UK customers and £20 for UK customers because of taxes.

Product Description from Jouer: Jet-Set away with your favorite Lip Kit, featuring a full size Crème Lip Liner, a mini Long-Wear Lip Topper and a mini Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick to help you create your perfect on-the-go pout.

As mentioned, the set comes with a full size Crème Lip Liner in Petal, described as a cool matte rose pink, a mini 2ml Long-Wear Lip Crème in Peony, described as a matte cool muted coral and a mini 2ml Long-Wear Lip Topper in Rose Fizz, described as a Metallic Coral Pink. I like the packaging – it comes in a large box that’s quite redundant but it’s pretty; it’s going into the bin though because I don’t have the space to keep all that bulky packaging. The actual products’ packaging are simple, tiny and nice; the lip creme and lip topper both come in small plastic lip gloss tubes with a doe-foot applicator.

The Crème Lip Liner in Petal is as described a cool matte rose pink; I like this colour and I could actually just wear this on its own and it’d still be a pretty colour. This feels just slightly dry and doesn’t glide on as smoothly as I had expected of a creme lip liner. However, I think the slight dryness contributes to the wear time because I had a good long wear out of this.

I didn’t think that the Long-Wear Lip Crème in Peony is true to the colour described though; when still wet it looks like a pretty medium rose pink but when dried down it looks more like a sickly matte cool pink than coral. I really disliked how this looks on its own once it’s dried down. It’s opaque to me for the first layer; it’s smooth and easy to spread. The consistency of the product is quite thin so it’s really comfortable to wear and lasts about 4hrs on me, which I spent at home because the colour is hideous and too matte.

The last product in the set is the Long-Wear Lip Topper in Rose Fizz, which happens to be my favourite item. I find this to be nearer a metallic medium rose pink colour than coral though it does have orange speckles in it. A lip topper is pretty much like a lip gloss but with amazing sheen; I love this colour and I’ve been wearing it on top of almost any lipstick I use the last few days. One thing though – the speckles are quite big and gritty so you can definitely feel them when you rub your lips together; it was annoying at the beginning but I’m so in love with the colour that I no longer notice it.

I like this set; I love the mini sizes of products though I wished that the lip liner was mini too. In the lip swatch, I have all products very lightly on; it’s slightly darker in real life but the light from my window has washed it out and I’ve put on a much thinner layer of the lip topper as compared to the lip creme so that has toned down the colour quite a bit.

A full size of the lip creme costs £15 for 6ml of product, so at the listed price of £20 I thought it was pretty good value as you get to try 3 different items for nearly the price of one, especially since I only paid £16.67. I love the lip topper in rose fizz and sadly I can’t find a full size of it or I would have loved to have it. The lip creme looks terrible, but it’s not so bad under the lip topper and I’m glad to have tried it in mini rather than a full size one.

If you’ve always been looking to try Jouer’s lip products, I recommend these sets; they come in four different shades and is such a great price to try out 3 different products for nearly the price of a full size one.

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