Beauty Review: Natasha Denona Blush Duo Palette #10

This Natasha Denona Blush Duo Palette #10 is the first product that I have ever owned from the brand and I actually received it as part of a Beautylish Lucky Bag that I purchased at the start of the year. If I were to pick my first product from the brand, I would have started with an eyeshadow palette as that’s what the brand is known for, but it’s nice that I got the blush palette instead because it would have taken me longer to pick it up myself.

There are two blushes in this palette, both of which are 7g each, and is meant to have a dominant colour and a subtler colour for blending and softening edges. The two blushes are also supposed to have two different textures – one matte and one iridescent. I like the idea of the palette a lot, and I feel as though a lot of thought process was put into bringing about this product. The palette is made in italy, paraben free and not tested on animals.

The packaging is quite nice and decent enough for something that costs USD38, but I find it too chunky. It’s in a white light-weight plastic shell and a pink plastic panel on the top with the brand name, with a decent size mirror and a magnetic closure. The plastic is either very thick or has a lot of empty space inside it, making it much bigger than necessary.

Now let’s get to the actual product. As mentioned, there’s a lighter blush called #02 Toutou and a darker one in #05 Sheer Peachy Nude. Sheer Peachy Nude is a very pretty bright coral peach with a satin finish; I really like this shade – it has fantastic pigmentation. It goes on sheer but can be built up to very high intensity but it can also have a very strong sheen when you build it up too much. It’s very smooth in texture, and applies like butter. In my swatch, I have a very light layer on – when built up, it becomes a much stronger coral shade.

Toutou is a very light pale champagne peach with a matte texture. When I first saw this, I thought it was a highlighter and it sucked as one because it does not give a glow, but I decided to look it up and realised that the brand says it’s supposed to be used to blend and soften edges of the darker blush – I like it so much better now. On its own, there really isn’t much colour but when layered over the darker blush, it does a great job at smoothing out the edges and enhancing the darker shade. One complain though is that it is slightly powdery but it does blend out very well and loses the powdery look once blended.

I actually started off not really enjoying this palette, and dismissed it for a long time because I thought Toutou was such a let down as a highlighter, when it wasn’t even supposed to be one. I’m so glad that I decided to give it a second chance and to try to really understand how to use it rather than simply assuming; Toutou is definitely not a stand out colour but more of a great supporting cast – I find that it actually sort of enhances the darker shade by diffusing the edges without washing it out like a plain face powder would. That said, it’s not a blush palette that I would reach for when I’m in a rush because who has time to put on a blush and then a second one to diffuse the first? But it is a pretty one when I do have the time to sit around and have some fun.

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