Beauty Review: Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in Palette 09

The Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in Palette 09 is a handy little palette filled with only 5 eyeshadows. After my last few purchases of large palettes, this was quite refreshing to try. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed when there’s too many choices so having only 5 is nice for a change; I don’t have to think so hard just to choose which colour to use.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows – especially the larger palettes, but they are extremely pricey. So I thought I’d give it a try, starting with one of the smaller ones. At S$72 for just 5 eyeshadows of 2.5g each, this is definitely coming in at the higher end in terms of price. I don’t like the way they name the palettes as I find it rather confusing – there are too many numbers, and is kind of like, is it palette 5 or palette 9?

I like the sleek and slim look of the packaging, as well as the clear see-through plastic top that allows you to tell what shades there are at a glance. There’s no mirror which could be annoying if you want to do your make-up on the go, but I honestly wouldn’t bring it out. While I like the look of the palette, I find it to be very light and somewhat cheap; I highly doubt that it could withstand being thrown around in a bag.

From Left to Right:
45M industrial: bronze pewter, metallic
44M indian gold: light yellowish gold, metallic
18M glam green: golden pewter green, metallic
10M alluminum: darkened silver, metallic
14M antique olive: antique olive, metallic

When I first saw the palette, I didn’t understand why they named the middle shade “glam green”; even in the swatches, it does not look green. But when applied, it is a beautiful sneaky green that’s hard to explain, except that it looks smokey and then suddenly you realise it’s green. I didn’t expect to like every shade in the palette, but I freaking do. Glam green and Antique Olive are my favourites, and I think they are amazing with brown eyes.

The eyeshadows are actually pressed pigments, according to the Sephora website where I bought them. They are so smooth and buttery, and incredibly pigmented; they pack on easily on the lids even with a fluffy brush, and blends beautifully. I did have a little bit of fall out though when applying it and some transfer down on my undereye through the night; weirdly despite the fall out, my eyelids still look stunning with full colour. I’ve done a few trial and errors to control the transfer, and found the best to be limiting the wear time to 4 hours (with normal activities, no sweaty dancing), and I don’t see any transfer at all.

I love this palette. S$72 sounds like a really huge price to be paying for 5 eyeshadows, but in comparison, Dior’s and Chanel’s 5-shadow palettes are all around the S$100 price point. Yes, this is not as prestigious a brand as Dior or Chanel, but I would say that the quality is way better. If there’s anything to improve, I would say the packaging – it would be nice to make it a heftier palette with more protection so that I won’t be terrified of bringing it out. But otherwise, this is a beautiful palette and I want more.

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