Beauty Review: Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap

What? You’re reviewing a face soap? What’s so special about a face soap? If you’re thinking this, you’re in for a surprise at how beautiful a face soap can be. Imagine if you could be washing your face with a rose everyday. This is almost like that, but in soap foam. A rose made of soap? Yes, a rose made of soap and it makes me happy every time I use it.

I bought this Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap in Japan; I can’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t very expensive since I got this in a regular beauty/drugstore. I haven’t seen it in stores anywhere outside of Japan, but I did a quick google and found it being sold on several different websites; they are quite expensive on those websites though.

There’s 150g of product and it comes in a light metal bottle with a plastic top cover. I usually avoid such packaging when it comes to face wash because there is no way of knowing whether there are still more product in the bottle or to get the product out when it could no longer pump out. I don’t know if there will be a lot of wastage.

Once you open the plastic cap, you will see another cover with a lot of little slits that has two levers by the side. To get the product out, you basically just push these 2 levers, and there will be thick whipped foam coming out from the many tiny slits; it’s recommended to push out about 3cm in height and it does take a couple of tries to get used to pushing out the correct amount of product. The first few times I just simply pushed the lever down all the way, and it was a lot of product and I had a flopped over rose.

See how adorable it is? Because of the way the slits are placed, the whipped foam comes out in the shape of a rose. It’s so cute. I want to just keep washing my face! Anyway, the whipped foam is quite thick, almost creamy and almost does not feel like a foam; it’s not as heavy and flat as a cream though. I really like the texture of this whip soap.

Despite its creamy feel, this gives a very clean feeling, but not to the extent of making my skin feel tight. A lot of foam cleansers strip my naturally dry skin; this does not dry out my skin, but it also does not give it any extra moisturising effect that you would expect from a creamy cleanser. It brings me back to how my skin usually feels with nothing on.

I use this as a second cleanse if I have makeup on, and an oil cleanser to remove makeup; I often feel a little oily after the oil cleanser, and this does a great job at getting my skin back to its normal state. With the combination of oil cleanser and this whip soap, I do not see any makeup residue at all, even when running a cotton pad of toner across my skin.

As you would expect, I love this cleanser. I think if you have even very dry skin, this might not be ideal. I enjoy having my skin brought back to its normal state so that I know what it needs. It’s a little confusing, but when I use a creamy cleanser, I think that my skin does not feel dry at all – it’s actually still dry except that the creamy cleanser made my skin feels nice for a couple of hours. I think it’s good to have my skin back to its normal state, which is what this cleanser does, so that I know what to focus on. Plus it’s so pretty!

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    1. Sorry for the late reply! WordPress notifications is not working for me urgh.

      It’s so pretty isn’t it! I wish that they would make it more accessible outside of Japan too so everyone can try it. 😦

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  1. I have something similar from Too Cool For School. It’s like putting shaving cream on your face, but I love it! Makes my face feel squeaky clean and I’m not sure that I love that part about it. I love novelty face products though. It makes mundane routines fun.


    1. Omg you described the texture perfectly! This felt just like shaving cream!

      if you liked the shaving cream texture, maybe you could try this? it feels clean, but not to the squeaky clean extent! 🙂 but of course im biased because this is just too darn cute. 😀

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