Unboxing: Lip Monthly December 2015

Another extremely late post so I will try to be really brief with this. I have actually already cancelled my subscription, so I’m not sure why I still received this bag – probably a mix-up on their end but I think it’s since fixed since I didn’t receive January’s. For December 2015, there are 4 makeup items including the usual pouch.

1. Evelyn Iona Lip/Cheek Tint in Ash – RRP USD22
This is a super tiny sample pot – I hate the pot because it’s too small for me to stick a brush or my finger in, so Im not sure how I am suppose to apply it on my lips/cheeks.

2. Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn – RRP USD16
I like this; this glides on smoothly and is a nice shade that I will use. But I have received so many Be a Bombshell products from this subscription.

3. Hikari Blush in Tango – RRP USD15
This is actually a nice pink blush; it really brightens up my face! I’m honestly impressed with this blush – though it’s amusing that the best item in a lip bag is a blush.

4. Mememe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Morello Silk – RRP USD15
This looks so dark in the tube but honestly looks much prettier applied on the lips; it’s a lot lighter, and more plummy. It glides on smoothly and is pretty highly pigmented.

I am actually glad that I received this bag erroneously because it’s one of my favourite bags from Lip Monthly in a long time – but that is mostly due to the pretty pink blush which I’m happy to have my hands on. I think if you have never tried Lip Monthly bags, the value is definitely there; they just tend to repeat the brands way too much and I just don’t feel excited anymore.

Are you a Lip Monthly subscriber? Have you tried it before?

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