Unboxing: Beauteque BB Bag October 2016

Once again, the Beauteque BB Bag for October 2016 has arrived late – well into November. It’s not a big deal, but I don’t like receiving boxes that are stated for a specific month to arrive in a totally different month. I could deal with long international handling, but Beauteque actually sends them out late so the postal service is not to be blamed.

Beauteque BB Bag claims to deliver Korean beauty to your door monthly and it includes skincare, makeup, body care, and more. The subscription costs US$24/month; I had a discount code so I bought a 3-month subscription for US$64.80, plus another whopping US$26.85 for total shipping costs to Belgium. That brings each box to US$30.55 for me.

The one thing that I really appreciate about the Beauteque BB Bag is the beauty bags included – this month is a cute little black pola dotted one that I love.

1. Vacci Royal Luminant Auto Eyeliner Pencil | Full Size
RRP: $10.99
A simple black eyeliner; I haven’t tried this yet but I already love that it’s an auto one.

2. Mediheal Peelosoft XP Shot | Full Size
RRP: $11.99
This is a pretty interesting item – it’s supposed to be a peel that contains both BHA and AHA, in the form of a cotton swab that you soak in the essence. Can’t wait to try this!

3. KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask | 2 pieces
RRP: $5
I’ve tried these before; they’re quite interesting as they heat up when placed on the eye, causing some sort of steam to form that envelopes the eye area and it is supposed to help relaxation. However, I have a slight phobia of it so I will probably give it away.

4. Hanaka Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack | Full Size
RRP: $15
This is a giant tub at 300ml and contains aloe vera, cactus and camellia extracts. Personally I don’t enjoy sleeping masks very much because I find them slightly too wet and sticky; hopefully this will not be too bad.

5. A’Pieu Mineral Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
RRP: $13
It’s been awhile since I last owned one of these duo oil-water makeup removers, since I’ve always had one of those micellar waters around, but I’m quite happy to get this – I remember it being so much easier to remove waterproof eyeliners than with micellar waters. I have a feeling that I will love using this.

6. Mystery Beauty Brush by Beauteque
RRP: $10
This is a decent looking duo-fibre brush; the only issue is that I already have a lot of similar brushes and I never reach for them. I prefer brushes that have the same length as they seem to do the job better for me. This might go into a giveaway sometime in the future.

This is the last of my subscription of the Beauteque BB boxes; I won’t be renewing it as I really don’t find it to be that great of a value. Judging by the RRP of each product, it always seem to be good value but I don’t think the RRP is accurate and often contains a huge markup. The products are generally of obscure Korean brands, or even non-Korean brands, so it doesn’t even live up to its claim to deliver Korean beauty.

Honestly, in the 3 months of my subscription, I feel like I’ve been disappointed more often than being happy with them. The lead time for them to mail out each monthly box is also a joke and I think they should fix it. All the Koreans that I know are extremely punctual people and they would be extremely upset if they had such service.

What do you think of this box? Do you think I should have continued my subscription?

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