Happy Holidays and See You All Next Year!

I just wanted to pop on here to quickly round things up for the year, as well as wish everyone a very happy holiday season and thank everyone for reading my blog this year.

It’s been quite a journey this year on this blog; I’ve been posting a lot more, and expanding on the range of topics. It’s not as much as I wanted to, but to me this blog is all in the name of fun and an outlet, not a livelihood. I don’t want it to take over my life so I only blog when I have the time and or is in the mood, or have something interesting to share or talk about. So while I have a lot more planned for this blog, I won’t beat myself up over not having done them – it still is a personal goal for me, but my real life and family comes first.

In recent months I’ve gained a lot of new readers and more are commenting on my blog. Thank you all for reading my random thoughts and words, it’s always amazing to know that someone is interested in what you have to say. Thank you for commenting; I love receiving comments, because I know you’re actually reading and it’s interesting to see another person’s view. I may not always respond, because I’m socially awkward and never know what and how to reply, but I have read your comments.

The Happy Holidays giveaway winners have all been notified and the gifts are mailed – but knowing the ever efficient Belgian post, it should arrive sometime in the middle of January next year. Part of the lateness is also because I’m just as efficient, and notified everyone a few days late, then mailed it a few days later. What can I say – I’m getting used to the Belgian lifestyle. But I guess a New Year’s cheer works just as well!

I won’t be putting up anymore posts until the new year – because I love the holiday season and I intend to fully enjoy it in real life. I want to spend some time appreciating my beautiful Christmas tree, unwrap presents, and remind loved ones that I love them. Over the next two weeks, my husband and I will be out aurora hunting and eating awesomely fresh seafood, followed by some sunshine and portuguese egg tarts. We will be offline and focusing on more important stuff – us – but I will be back in the new year. Meanwhile, hope everyone have a great holiday season and a wonderful new year!

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