Beauty Chit-Chat: Up-close and Personal, Perhaps A New Start to the New Year

I’m back! I’m been offline for a while, spending some time with my family and fully enjoying the festive season. I love the holiday season – it’s just such a beautiful time and makes you smile. Now I’m recharged and back! I wanted to start off the new year discussing something that’s been on my mind, and it will kind of impact how my blog will be like moving forward.

Beauty has always been an obsession of mine, but actually I really like writing about it. I’m not sure if I can call it a passion, but I’ve always loved writing – as a child, I had tons of type-written stories that I was one day going to publish. So it was rather natural that one day I would set up a blog so that I can write, and what better than to write about beauty?

Writing about beauty is so common these days. Everyone does it and there’s a wonderful community around it. I write about it because I love writing, and I love beauty products. No one else around me understands why I am so obsessed with it, so this is an wonderful outlet for me. I like the serenity of sitting here just typing out my thoughts, and more than often my own posts provides me a reminder of my past thoughts about certain products. I like sharing what I think and sometimes slamming crappy products.

But I also love the anonymity behind the blog; while I would like to be more personal, I don’t actually want my friends and family to know that I am behind this blog. I have made the husband swear that he would never ever read my blog; he doesn’t actually know the address but it’s pretty easy to guess as I use similar names on other social media. I love how I can talk about anything, because nobody knows who I really am.

However, I know one of the ways I can increase readership is to actually show my face. I’m not that bothered about increasing readership to be honest; I’m very happy with what I have now. But I do think that in reviewing certain face products, a full face presentation is so much better than a hand swatch. But I am worried that people will recognise me, and I really don’t want friends and family to ask me about things that I talk about on my blog.

What do you think? Should I compromise my anonymity? Or do you think there are other ways to go around this issue?

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