The Lipstick Experiment – How Many Days Does It Take to Use Up a Lipstick?

I think many of us who own a lipstick, or a few hundred lipsticks in my case, are curious about how many days it takes to use up a single tube of lipstick. Or at least I know that I am, especially since I never seem to use any of my lipsticks up! So being a little not quite right in the mind, I decided to embark on an experiment to test exactly how many days or how many times you can use a lipstick until it’s fully used up.

I’ve seen experiments done in a way where people just swipe a lipstick on a piece of paper to find out how many swipes there are in total. I decided that I wanted it to be as close as possible to how it would work out in real life, so in my experiment, I put on the lipstick once every single day, even if I was staying at home and doing absolutely nothing. Full application, making sure that I get the corners and that it looks perfect, just like how I would use a lipstick as per normal. When it is perfect, I count that as one day/application.

I started with a barely used lipstick – the Tini Beauty Lipstick in Irish Creme; I didn’t really like the colour so I didn’t mind wasting it. This has a rather creamy texture and it’s not drying at all, so it was pretty comfortable to test. I really didn’t like the lipstick colour at the beginning, but as I use it every day, I’m actually starting to really like it, and am regretting a little about wasting it on this experiment. But we’re not quitting here when I’m already so far in!

I started this on 1 January 2017 and it’s now 30 days in, so I’ve decided to put up my “findings” so far! After 30 days, or 30 applications, it still looks as though the lipstick is pretty much unused! It is very slightly shorter than when I started, and the lipstick has some scuff/rubbed marks as it is rather soft and the pressure from applying the lipstick actually pushes it against the tube. But other than that, it doesn’t look like the end is in sight yet!

So, we’ll catch up again in the next month, or when I finish the lipstick, whichever come first!

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