The Lipstick Experiment – How Many Days Does It Take to Use Up a Lipstick? Part 2!

If you’re not sure what The Lipstick Experiment is, please click here to check it out. In short, I’m doing an experiment to test how many days or how many times you can use a lipstick until it’s fully used up. I wanted it to be as close as possible to how it would work out in real life, so in my version of the lipstick experiment, I put on the same lipstick once every day, with full application and making sure it looks perfect, just like how I would use it normally.

I’m back here with the second update and it’s now 60 days in total! I think in this second update, the lipstick is showing more obvious signs of wear and is now visibly shorter than before; it’s also getting a little bit softer and I do hope that it doesn’t break before the end of the experiment. Honestly, as I see the lipstick get shorter, I’m getting even more excited! I can’t wait to see how long more this lipstick will last!

Of course, in my experiment, I only use it once a day. So if you reapply lipsticks more than once, this will definitely last less than the number of days in my experiment. Also, different lipsticks have different amount of product, and I think that the consistency of the lipstick will also affect how many swipes it takes for one full application. So obviously it varies, and this experiment is not very scientific, but this is all in the name of fun!

So, once again, we’ll catch up again next month, or when I finish the lipstick!

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