Beauty Chit-Chat: Would you support a brand in which you disagree with the founder?

Today’s post is a little random because a little thought just popped into my mind and I wanted to voice it out. I was doing my usual online shopping when I saw an advertisement from a brand that… I don’t have a very good impression of because of its founder. I don’t want to name the brand, or the founder, but I will say that I’m not comfortable with the image that was being put out with both the owner and the brand. Being a small and rather new brand, I think it’s hard to tear the brand away from the founder.

For me, this has happened a few times with different brands, particularly in recent years when bloggers or youtubers started pushing out their own brands or products in collaborations with other brands but bearing their names and general image. So while there are a lot of hype around the products being put out, I tend to hold back no matter how good the claims are. I just can’t bring myself to pay money and support these brands when I really don’t like the message, or I feel really uncomfortable with the image.

What about you? Would you support or purchase from a brand even though you’re not comfortable with the founder or the image associated with the brand?

Photo credit: Alysa Bajenaru

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