Why I Will Not Buy From LookFantastic Anymore

From the title, I guess everyone can tell that this is a rant post so if you’re not one for these, please just click away. You have been forewarned. But I need to get it off my chest.

I am really upset with LookFantastic. I have been a very loyal client for years and I really feel deceived by the company. I received an advertisement email from LookFantastic that said that there would be a free gift of HealGel Intensive worth GBP37.50 if I bought 2 items from the brand HealGel. That sounded like an awesome deal.

I love Healgel and so does my parents, so I made 2 purchases of 2 bottles of HealGel each for my parents who are living in Singapore – they are rather old and not so online shopping savvy so now I am unable to make returns. Now, a full size 30ml bottle of HealGel Intensive is worth GBP37.50 – so obviously if the free gift is worth GBP37.50 then the free gift should be either the same full size bottle or something of similar weight and worth.

Nope, it was not. It was a very tiny 5ml tube of HealGel Intensive. If I did the calculations, that gift is worth about GBP6.25. Even if I pretended that they had to pay extra for the packaging, that would still not bring the gift to a worth of GBP37.50.

I wrote in several times, but the customer service just said it’s a free gift and I did not pay for the product anyway – so basically I am in no place to complain as it’s free. But I only made the purchases because I thought I was getting a good deal from the advertisement – it’s like saying you have a buy 2 get 1 free deal, but the 1 free item is actually just a tiny sample and you won’t know about that fact until you’ve bought the 2 items.

It’s not right and it’s incredibly dishonest. It was obviously fake advertising, enticing people to make a purchase without fulfilling what they have promised. The customer service was also rather rude, in the way that they insisted that the 5ml was worth GBP37.50 without an explanation how and emphasized that I did not pay for the free item anyway.

I still have a rolling subscription to their LookFantastic beauty boxes, but once it finishes, I will never buy from LookFantastic ever again. It was definitely not a fantastic experience.


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