Beauty Review: Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

This is less of a review and more of a photo journey with me and my awesome bath bomb. I know I’m in my early thirties and probably too old to say this, but I love the movie Frozen and when I saw this bath bomb, I knew I had to get it! It was launched a long time ago, but it only just made it to Belgium as far as I can tell – or I’ve just never seen it despite my monthly trip to the store. It smells amazing and is such a pretty frozen-esqued shade of blue.

I’ll admit right off that I’m very biased because I love products from Lush. They’re very expensive – this bath bomb costs more than 5 euros, and it can only be used once. That means my one bath costs more than 5 euros. They’re even more expensive back in Singapore, but I guess shipping these items all the way there isn’t going to be cheap.

But look at those amazing swirls of blue! Doesn’t it totally remind you of everything about the movie Frozen? It’s like Elsa’s dress in a bath bomb, or the eternal winter in your bath tub. I dropped it into my bath and it unraveled with a blue spiral in the middle while the outer casing melted into a pool of white and pale blue.

It smells really good too – its sort of a floral and sweet scent. I’m terrible at explaining scents so I think I won’t even try. But it’s not crazy strong that it overpowers your senses, which is important if you’re going to be soaking in it for the next half an hour. It’s light enough to be comfortable in it, but strong enough to smell it throughout the bath.

I recommend this bath bomb to everyone who feels like indulging. The movie may be targeted towards younger children (although that didn’t stop me from watching it about ten times) but this bath bomb is perfect for everyone across all ages.

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