May Lippy Review: Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos in The Blue Glitteratti

I received this Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos in The Blue Glitteratti from a Beauty Box a really long time ago – so long that I think the Beauty Box company is now defunct, but I never got around to trying it because it’s just not a shade that I would typically wear. I mean, blue lipstick? In a temporary lip tattoo format? It’s just a pretty strange concept to me because I don’t understand why we needed a temporary lip tattoo?

Anyway, since I was doing this challenge to put up a review of a lip product every weekday of May, I thought why not just give it a try rather than leave it at the bottom of my cupboard? This comes with 3 lip appliques and while there are some guidelines on the packaging on how to apply these, I find that there are much more useful tips and tutorials on the company’s website so if you own these, do check out the website first.

The company website claims that “Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos will give you a perfectly patterned pout that will last through the night”. I don’t know how much this cost since it came in a Beauty Box, but the price range on appears to be between USD5 and USD10; that makes each application, using the lowest price of USD5, to be over USD1.50 each – that’s pretty expensive given that a regular lipstick has over 200 applications in them.

It comes in a cupboard packaging, basically like a cardboard envelope. Each applique has a piece of paper backing, and a plastic sheet cover on top. Before application, you’re supposed to measure your lips and cut along the lines as indicated on the paper backing so that it fits well. Now I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly difficult to measure my lips against a piece of paper so I really just guessed it.

After cutting it to fit your lips, peel the plastic film off the applique and put the sticky side on the lips while keeping your mouth in a wide “Ahh” shape. This is followed by soaking the paper backing in water using a wet cotton ball until the paper starts to slide off, then sealed and smoothed with a generous amount of water using the cotton swab.

I think my picture shows it all… It was a disaster to apply! Somehow the ends of the lip tattoo just couldn’t stick to my lips and once the paper backing comes off, it was impossible to try to stick the applique back onto the lips. It’s not possible. The sides are incredibly fiddly and very very difficult to apply; I actually tried it twice and both times, I only managed to get one side of the lip tattoo to stay on.

It also feels very uncomfortable on the lips; it’s very tight and restrictive. Noone will kiss you while you have this on your lips. It also does not look good at all – I also tried to smooth out with the cotton swab (even though the ends didnt stick, I wanted to see if I could at least make part of it work) but that didn’t happen. It just looks like a total mess.

I have since thrown out the last unused piece. I really think this is very gimmicky and an absolute nightmare to put on; I would choose a regular lipstick any day. It was fun to experiment with because I’m curious about all things makeup, but I will never wear it out of the house and I will not recommend it to anyone.

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