May Lippy Review: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar

Switching things up today after so many days of lipsticks (and a weird lip tattoo), I’ll be reviewing a lip gloss instead! I received this Marc Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar from a Beauty Box in March, but it usually retails at USD28 for 5ml of product. Marc Jacobs is a luxury brand, so as expected it comes with a heftier price tag.

The packaging looks quite pretty – the tube is sort of squarish with rounded sides and bottoms, with a flexible sponge-tip applicator. I actually find it rather bulky because of its blocky shape, and it feels as though the walls of the tube is extra thick – it’s a pretty big tube considering that the amount of product inside is not exceptionally large.

Sugar Sugar is described as a “Champagne Gold Shimmer”, but I find that it looks more nude pink with some gold shimmer. This is supposed to have a “Shimmer Finish”, but again it appears as more of a cream finish with a little bit of shimmer rather than an actual shimmer finish. The bling factor is very low with this shimmer gloss. Personally, I really like this colour and I think it looks a lot better without too much shimmer but if you’re going to call it a “Shimmer Finish” then it should have more shimmer, otherwise just call it a cream finish.

In terms of coverage, being a nude shade that’s rather near my natural lip shade, it’s very difficult to see how much of my lip is actually covered so I am guessing it’s medium to low coverage as some of my natural lip colour is peeking through but it’s definitely more pink and lighter coloured. I’m also having a cold right now, so I can’t really tell if there’s any scent.

I find this lip lacquer really comfortable to wear; they feel quite hydrating. Even though the brand claims that this lip lacquer will never feel sticky, I do find it slightly sticky – it’s not at an annoying level, but once again, if you claim to be something then I will test it accordingly.

For me, the staying power of this lip lacquer is rather low – and possibly partly due to the fact that it is a nude shade; the glossiness disappears within the hour. There’s not much visible stain or pigment left behind after the glossiness has worn off, but again, it’s a very nude shade so it might be different for other darker shades.

I really like the colour – it looks so pretty, girly and glossy! It feels really comfortable with the minimal amount of stickiness, but I think it’s not a very special shade and I can replicate it with many other cheaper brands. With a lasting power of less than an hour, I won’t be forking out USD28 for a replacement.

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