May Lippy Review: Note BB Lip Corrector in 02

Note Cosmetics is a beauty brand that I recently discovered from the StyleTone Beauty Box when I received this Note BB Lip Corrector in April. The brand is made by The Altona Cosmetics Technology Group (ACT), with headquarters in Germany but their website is in Turkish by default and their retail stores are only in Turkey, while it is exported to other countries in the world, so I guess the main market for the brand is actually Turkey.

The Note BB Lip Corrector is described as a “lip care” product that stimulates collagen synthesis to create fuller lips with 3D effect, and contains shea butter and Vitamin E to care for the lips. It is paraben free and not tested on animals. This comes in three shades – 01,02 and 03; I have No. 02 which is like a light pink shade while the regular retail price stated by StyleTone is ā‚¬18 but I’ve seen it retailing online for about ā‚¬9.

The packaging is very simple – a squeeze tube with a sponge tip applicator – and reminds me a lot of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector. There are tiny holes in the tip and to dispense the product, just simply squeeze the tube. Personally I hate squeeze tubes with sponge tips because something about little bits of product being squeezed through the holes makes me feel queasy but it does make application very easy and quick.

Shade 02 looks like a light pink in my swatch, but when applied to the lips the colour is actually not visible – it looks pretty much like a clear gloss with the teeniest tiniest bit of pink. This feels and looks like a regular lip gloss for me. For something that claims to create “3D effect”, I was expecting to feel some tingling to plump the lips, but this does not have that. I don’t believe in the “collagen synthesis” bullshit.

But I thought it looked really good! This gave a really lovely glossy finish and at the same time did make my lips look much “juicier”. It was also very comfortable to wear – it’s not sticky and I thought made my lips felt hydrated. I’ve been pairing this lately with the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips – those made my lips feel like it’s been sucked dry but this immediately counters it and also gave a really lovely gloss.

Like I said, I really don’t believe in the “collagen synthesis” bullshit because there’s no way that a lip gloss can do that or I will be bathing in it. Just like any gloss, the lasting power isn’t very long – probably gone within an hour or so, but I really don’t mind reapplying because it looks great and feels good. I’m really liking this!

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