Beauty Budget Challenge: And It Begins!

My time as a ‘nomad’ has finally ended – we have relocated back home and our year (and some) of work-honeymoon all over Europe is now behind us. I am sad but also excited about finally having a home to call our own, rather than living out of boxes and luggages in a rented place that we couldn’t redesign to make it our own. But coming home is also a problem – our house is small with little storage space and money is tight because we spent a lot last year travelling. I wouldn’t have changed that for anything – we planned and saved for it but now it’s time to get back to ‘normal’ and start replenishing our savings.

One of the first things to cut back will be on makeup – both for monetary reasons as well as the fact that I need the space and I really need to stop hoarding. I’m now storing part of my makeup in a bookshelf, my closet, the bathroom and a lot of it in my makeup room. It’s just taking up too much space and I need some of that room back for my clothes and books. The picture above? That’s just one drawer of many in my house.

So the ‘rules’ of my Beauty Budget Challenge are as follows:
SGD300 budget for the next 3 months, starting from 1st August 2017 to 31st October 2017. That’s SGD100 a month. It might sound like a lot, but I have consistently spent over SGD500 on a monthly basis for the last 5 years and things are very expensive in Singapore. What doesn’t get spent in one month can be ‘rolled over’ into following months.

Things that are included:
– skin care,
– hair care,
– body care, and
– make up.

Things that are excluded:
– spending of loyalty card points or gift vouchers given to me as gifts
– beauty treatments such as hair cuts, threading, massages, facials, etc
– all beauty products received as gifts
– all beauty products purchased as gifts for others
– any sanitary products

Ideally I would want to do this for a whole year, but I know that setting an impossible goal just leads to failure and I’d rather set smaller goals than a big one that I know that I will fail. So three months sound like an achievable task. Hopefully from this challenge, I would be able to save some money, use up some stuff and free up some space, and perhaps rediscover some old loves that I’ve neglected in my makeup drawers.

I’ll be tracking my progress every month with photos and list all my purchases. Have you ever done a beauty budget challenge? Would you do one? If you plan to do one ‘soon’, please do join me now and we can cheer each other on!

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