Beauty Empties: 15 – 30 July 2017

The past month really went by in a blur – I feel like I always say that, but this time I’m really not quite sure what I’ve donefor the entire month. Sometimes I could tell that some time has gone by as my basket of empties piles up, but I really haven’t used up many items so I was quite shocked when it was suddenly August! Anyway, let’s see what’s in my empties!

1. Laboratoire Remede Body Wash Revitalizing Shower Gel x3
Got these from a hotel. I’ve been trying to clear out my stash of travel size products because they take up a lot of space with all that extra packaging. This is quite nice actually; it has little beads that exfoliates a little.

2. Bliss Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse
Another item that I grabbed during a hotel stay. I love Bliss products so I always take all I can from hotel stays. I like the smell but I wish that the scent was a little stronger.

3. Hema 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Water
I’ve used up one before last September and I liked it enough to repurchase to use on my last trip. It’s cheap and works great, with a good amount of product in a nice travel size.

4. Origins Clear Improvement
This is an active charcoal mask – I don’t know what it means by “active”. I have a love/hate relationship with this – it feels like it really clears out my skin and I can visibly see a clearer difference but I feel that it’s really drying. I tried to leave it on for a shorter time in hopes that it won’t be so dry but the effect was not as great.

5. Eucerin DermoPurifyer Active Concentrate
This is technically not used up yet but I had it for so long that I don’t feel comfortable putting it on my face and it’s not a moisturiser so I can’t use it on my body. I used to love this when I feel like a pimple breakout is imminent and this somehow helps to rein it in a little.

6. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Another item that I use for breakouts but I use this mainly when there are clearer signs of a breakout or when I am trying to dry out a pimple. This is very strong so I only use a little at a time by dabbing it on with a q-tip. This takes ages to use up and it’s so worth it.

So this fortnight’s empties is a little disappointing – only 6 items (or 8 if u count repeats of similar products separately) and one of them isn’t even empty. I don’t know what happened – July just swooped past and I haven’t done anything I had set out to do. Hopefully I’ll be back on track in August and I’ll definitely be more focused on using more things up.

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