Blessings & Loving Life

Another long unplanned silence. I’m so sorry, readers, for my sudden disappearance. My entire family has been extremely busy lately – my grandmother-in-law just passed away. It was sad but we all agreed that it was a blessing in disguise because she had been suffering for a very long time. The hardest moment was actually at the crematorium, where the family next to us were howling with the lost of their rather young mother. It was really hard to watch and certainly makes you think a little about your own existence.

I’ve also been really busy job hunting. After nearly 2 years of rest, I was really quite dreading the whole process of sending out 1000 applications, waiting for someone to call back, going for the interview, and then finally working. But I am rather looking forward to having colleagues and friends to hang out with because most of my friends are working now so I am all alone during the day. And life is short, we have to appreciate what we have and do the best we can while we still have the health to do so rather than just watch it past by.

Anyway, I just wanted to come here and quickly put up my random thoughts. The usual blogging will resume tomorrow (hopefully). Thanks for sticking with me!

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