Beauty Review: Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Water

I don’t usually use cleansing water the way it’s originally made for – as a complete cleansing routine – but I love using it as a final step. After living in Europe where there is hard water, I find that my pores look enlarged and clogged no matter how thoroughly I clean. I have taken to wiping with cleansing water after I’m done with my usual routine and I feel like there’s a big difference to how my skin looked so I have kept this habit.

One cleansing water I’ve been trying out is the Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Water. The company claims that “this cleansing water contains sea salt extracts and completely wipes off makeup while leaving your skin with a fresh finish”. This costs SGD23 for 300ml, which sounds really expensive but it’s actually really affordable in local price terms.

This cleansing water comes in a clear plastic bottle without any box and the whole design of the bottle gives a very clean vibe. The bottle uses a reversed pump – just place your cotton pads on top of it, press and the product is dispensed. I like the bottle because it’s convenient but sometimes it pisses me off because it rarely gives the perfect amount of product and this kind of bottles is usually a nightmare when it comes near the end.

This feels just like a regular cleansing water – very fluid, runny and clear, just like plain water. It doesn’t have a very strong smell to me; I’ve read about it having a strong scent from other reviews which kind of turned me off from purchasing it for a while but to me it’s just a very faint clean scent. Maybe there’s something wrong with my nose?

I use this product by dispensing it onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. As mentioned, I like to use this at the end of the day before toner to remove any last bit of residue from the day and also mineral from the water that I’ve just used to wash my face – I don’t know if it’s true that it did remove the mineral, but I do find my skin clearer after following this routine for a while when living in a country with hard water. I also use it in the morning when I wake up whenever I’m too lazy to lather up.

As usual I don’t like taking photos of my face so I have actually drawn a face on my hand with my regular makeup – waterproof eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow products and an intense red lipstick. I let it dry down for half an hour so that the makeup will adhere to my skin. I really should have put some foundation on it to for completeness but I was too lazy.

As you can see, it totally did nothing to the waterproof eyeliner with 1 strong swipe but it did a decent job of removing the eyebrow product, all the eyeshadow and some of the lipstick. It took a lot of swipes, with a lot of force, to eventually get rid of the waterproof eyeliner with just this cleansing water. I usually reach for an eye makeup remover when I’m actually removing makeup from my eyes but I wanted to put this through a proper test. This is really weak at removing makeup – much worse than other cleansing waters I’ve tried.

On the other hand, I really enjoy using this in the way I use cleansing water. I like that it doesn’t have a strong scent and did not break me out, nor dry my skin out. Some cleansing water leaves behind a weird film on your skin but this does not – my skin just feels really clean. But do not use this around the eye area because this will sting the shit out of you.

In all, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re intending to use this as a thorough makeup removing routine – I don’t think it does the job well and even if it manages to remove the makeup, it would require some really harsh rubbing on the skin. However, personally, I really enjoyed it as a final cleanse or even as a substitute for a morning wash – my skin feels really clean without being dried out and dare I say even looks less clogged.

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