Beauty Review: Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water

Hot on the heels of the last review on the Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Water is another review from the same brand, and even the same product type. Today’s review is on the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water. I bought this shortly after trying out the Sea Salt version, which I really liked, so that got me to purchase this.

The company claims that this cleansing water “completely wipes off makeup and leaves the skin hydrated with the rich moisture of freshly squeezed Jeju green tea”. This costs SGD20 for a 300ml bottle, which is around the same price that other cleansing water from ‘drugstore’ brands are being sold so I think it’s quite a reasonable price.

This cleansing water comes in a transparent green plastic bottle without any box. Like the Sea Salt cleansing water, this uses a reversed pump – just place your cotton pads on top of it, press and the product is dispensed. I like the bottle because it’s convenient but sometimes it pisses me off because it rarely gives the perfect amount of product and this kind of bottles is usually a nightmare when it comes near the end.

Sadly, I have to say that I utterly detest this. The first thing I noticed when I placed the first cotton pad on my face was the overwhelming sweet floral scent. It does not smell anything like green tea, nor is it fresh or clean – it is extremely floral and very overpowering. I’ve read so much about the “floral scent” for the Sea Salt Cleansing Water, but I didn’t smell anything at all for that one. But this definitely has a very strong and distinct floral scent.

As mentioned in my review for the Sea Salt cleansing water, I like to use cleansing water as a final step to my daily cleansing routine – to wipe off any last remnants of residue. I do not feel comfortable using this as a last step because of the intense smell; it lingers on the face for quite a while too. Also, this felt like it left behind a film – it’s hard to explain but it’s not oily nor sticky, but definitely feel as though there’s still something left behind.

On the bright side, I think this cleansing water removes makeup slightly better than the Sea Salt cleansing water and feels quite gentle on the skin. My skin feels lightly moisturised (which probably explains the feeling of something being left behind on the skin) after using this; I thought it would irritate my skin given the strong smell but it didn’t. It’s still not a great makeup remover though – it takes a lot of work to get off waterproof makeup with this.

I will definitely not repurchase it and I totally prefer the Sea Salt version over this. It’s not a great makeup cleansing water – it doesn’t do a very good job at removing any waterproof makeup but at least it wasn’t irritating on the skin. But I truly hate the overwhelming scent. If you’re thinking of purchasing this and is rather sensitive to scents, I would highly recommend that you give it a whiff in store beforehand.

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