Happy Holidays and A Great Year Ahead!

Just wanted to pop back online and put up a quick post – I know there’s a few readers who have followed this blog for a while and might have wondered if my lack of posts these last couple of weeks meant that I have lapsed into a deep dark depth of sadness again like the past few months. Actually it was quite the opposite! I always love Christmas, even though I am actually not religious at all but there’s just something about this season that makes me so happy! Might be all the presents I’ve been getting…

So the past couple of weeks have been really awesome for me – I’m slowly getting myself back. I’m not sure if it’s because of all the efforts that I’ve put in – decluttering my house, getting myself out of the house and going for some fitness classes, doing things that used to make me happy like blogging about makeup or all the ice cream, alcohol and presents that I’ve been getting because of festive season but I’m finally feeling a little more like who I used to be. I’m not quite all there yet, but at least I feel like I am on the right path.

I’ll be going on a 10-day vacation starting on boxing day, and I doubt that I’d have any time to blog in the meantime so I really wanted to get on here and wish everyone Happy Holidays! I really hope, not just for me, but for everyone out there, that next year 2018 will be an awesome year! The last few months of 2017 has been… not quite so good for me emotionally, but I’ve been working hard the last month picking up and gluing back the pieces. Here’s wishing that I stay on track, and may the force be with me and you!

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