Sunday Book Club: Books to Read and Review

I thought I’d break my once-a-fortnight book review with a quick flash of some books that I am currently reading and planning to do a review on. As you can see, all of them are from the national library – I’ve really been loving my local library these days! It’s awesome! The books are so new, there’s so many nice armchairs and best of all, it’s free. I love it.

The next books that I’m planning to dive into are Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert, Perfect Prey by Helen Fields and Someone Is Watching by Joy Fielding. I have to admit that despite having read a ton of books in my lifetime, I have never read any books from these three authors. I did pick them up because of their titles, which shows how important it is for a book to have a really good name other than just being a really good book.

Perfect Prey and Someone is Watching are both thrillers, while Those Secrets We Keep is a chick lit. I’ve been reading a lot of chick lit these days because of a previous bout of sadness and I found that chick lit books are easy to read and generally makes me happy, but I feel like venturing back out again now hence the thriller books. But I am at home alone quite a lot these days, and I have a very active imagination so hopefully I’ll be able to finish those.

What about you? Have you been reading these days or have you read these books before?

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