Beauty Empties: 1 – 30 April 2018

Incredibly another month has gone past without me realising it and what I had planned to do originally – putting up two empties post with one in the middle of the month instead of just a long one at the end – didn’t happen again. But April was a really busy month and I didn’t even finish that many items, so in a way it’s a good thing that I didn’t have 2 posts up or there would be nothing to write about! Anyway, let’s get to the empties!

1. Innisfree White Pore Facial Cleanser
This is the largest tube of cleanser! It took me ages – seriously so many months – to use up. I do like it – it’s creamy and does foam up, but it doesn’t dry up the skin.

2. Nuxe Detoxifying and Youth Revealing Anti-Aging Care
Not my favourite cream. I thought it was a little oily in texture and I ended up using it on my feet because I couldn’t stand it on my face.

3. Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask
I have a couple of small jars of this actually – Omorovicza loves gifting these with purchase. I quite enjoyed it – I thought my skin looked clearer and more radiant after use.

4. Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic+Retinol Eye Cream
A rather thick eye cream; I think this might be better for older or very dry skin. This lasted ages because you really need the tiniest amount as it’s so thick.

5. Secret Key Intense Moisture Cream
A really weird bright pink cream. Well the texture is actually quite nice – it’s very light and creamy, kind of like a cross between a gel and a cream. But I felt a little weird about using something that artificially bright pink on my face so I have been using it on my body.

6. Maybelline Eye+Lip Make Up Remover
A great eye makeup remover that’s so cheap. I love getting these travel size versions that costs S$2 in Watsons; they’re small, cheap and really good at their job.

7. A’Pieu Cell-Tuning Snail Skin
I really have no idea what this does but it is slimy in texture with weird brown bits in it. I’m glad that it’s a tiny bottle so I don’t have to use it much.

8. Innisfree The Minimum Toner
A rather small bottle of toner that’s meant for sensitive skin and I did enjoy this. I think it’s a very simple toner – it doesn’t make my skin feel dry.

9. The Body Shop Banana Shampoo
This used to be one of my favourite shampoos in my teenage years and when I saw a sale on it I had to buy it again! It’s not as legendary as I remembered it to be, but it still does a great job at leaving my hair nice and smooth for days. Plus it’s a lot more affordable to me now that I am an adult with more spending money – buying The Body Shop stuff as a teenager was a luxury back then! Compared to my current favourites this is also a steal.

10. May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud
I don’t really like this; it’s supposed to be a super gentle enzyme cleanser but I don’t think it really does anything and it’s so ridiculously expensive. The only thing that I do love is the smell – it’s so delicious, kind of like chocolate.

11. Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation in Nude
A terrible foundation that is so expensive at GBP63 – I’ve reviewed this here. I just can’t get it to work on my skin – it looks heavy, thick, and very obvious.

12. Elf Professional Concealer Brush
I have a lot of Elf brushes that I love and this used to be one of them when I used to use harder concealers for pinpoint concealing. Sadly this has been through a lot and its hairs are in every direction so it’s time to retire it.

So that’s all for this month! When I was writing this, I was just thinking – ever felt like some items just never finishes? Like, how some products takes just 5 days to use up half, but then the next half bottle takes another 5 months to be used up? I have so many half bottles that I thought would be used up in a couple of days but a few months later they seem to still have the same amount left despite the fact that I am using them! Maybe there’s like a magical imp that fills up the bottles that I want to use up secretly when I go to sleep. Hrmppph.

One thought

  1. I would love to try the Body Shop Banana Shampoo at some point! I’ve also heard good things about the ginger one too.

    It seems like you’ve tried a lot of Innisfree skincare? Are there any that you particularly recommend? I have only really dabbled in their capsule masks and also recently started using an SPF product by them too.


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