Beauty Empties: Hotel Edition #1

I ought to stop showing any more empties – but now I have a housing situation (my new house will only be ready in a couple of weeks), my husband and I are basically living out of a (few) suitcase and moving between hotels every week. As a result, I try to keep what I have to a minimum, but that also means that I use things up pretty fast!

1. Bourjois Eau Micellaire Special Waterproof
This is supposed to remove waterproof makeup easily, but it doesn’t really; it’s not horrible and does cleanse well enough when I’m too tired to bother with deep cleansing, but I will always wake up the next day with bits of waterproof makeup left behind.

2. Christophe Robin Masque Régénérant à l’Huile de Figue de Barbarie
This is a very thick and heavy hair mask; I don’t really like it because it feels very difficult to wash out and my hair looks really flat for a few days after using this.

3. Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner
This has a very strong citrus scent and feels rather harsh – it has a strong sting when applied close to the eyes. But I’ve come to really love it – when my skin starts feeling oily or when I feel like some blemishes are coming up, this seems to help reduce or keep the pimples away.

4. Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel
Not my favourite exfoliating gel – the scrubby bits are rather large in size, and kind of sparse. So it feels like using a cleansing gel with a few big scrubby bits in them.

5. Caudalie Divine Oil
This is a rather awesome oil; it dries down very quickly without any oily feeling at all but at the same time, still manages to moisturise my skin really well.

The thing about moving between hotels is also that I notice just how fast I use up my products, since I am throwing things out on a week-by-week basis, rather than keeping them for a month. I also try to bring over items (from my parent’s house where I was living before I got married) that are near the end, so it’s much easier to use them up.

Did you use up anything this week?

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