Beauty Empties: Hotel Edition #2

Hotel Edition #1 of beauty empties was a while back; photos for this Hotel Edition #2 was actually taken about a week after the first post but I started moving between different hotels every few days so life was really pretty insane at that time. In the midst of all that moving and living out of a suitcase, I managed to finish only 3 items.

1. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo
My favourite shampoo at the moment – this leaves my dry hair incredibly soft and smooth, even if I don’t follow up with conditioner. My usually frizzy and crazy hair becomes so well behaved – very easy to style and stays in shape. Definitely will repurchase.

2. Davines Momo Moisturizing Conditioner For Dry Hair
I used to be a big fan of Davines’ products but I don’t like the packaging, especially a tub like this that I have to dig into. The product is great; it’s not suitable for everyday use as it’s very heavy, but when my hair is extra frizzy I like to use this in place of a ‘deep’ conditioner.

3. Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste
My favourite toothpaste of all time – I like that the taste isn’t too strong or minty; I really don’t like mint scents or taste but it seems like all toothpaste have the same minty scent!

That’s it for Hotel Edition #2 of Beauty Empties! I haven’t actually used up anything since arriving in Belgium so I think the next empties post would be quite a while!

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