Beauty Review: Viseart Petit Pro I Eyeshadow Palette

I recently got my paws on several Viseart palettes, as I showed in a haul – so if you’ve been thinking about getting something from Viseart as well, I would recommend checking back on my site over the next few days as I put up more reviews; I’m hoping to do one every 3 to 4 days, but please bear with me if it takes longer because life don’t always happen as planned. Anyway, first up is the Viseart Petit Pro I Eyeshadow Palette.

There’s actually a Viseart Petit Pro II Eyeshadow Palette out now which has a more pink and burgundy vibe, but unfortunately that was not available on Cult Beauty yet which was were I got this palette. I got mine for £22.08, with the very weird price due to tax being taken off since I had it shipped internationally and Cult Beauty is awesome for returning the tax. If you’re in the UK, the price would be £26.50.

I love how small this is – although I imagine that many people may be upset by the size given that it is quite expensive. There’s only 8g of product, making it 1g for each colour. As I said, personally I adore the tiny size as 1) I rarely use up eyeshadow palettes and 2) I think it’s a perfect size for travelling with a great colour range given its size. The packaging is cardboard with little grooves by the side of the pans, making it very easy to move around the pans if you want, but at the same time it’s magnetic so the pans won’t fall out.

In terms of quality, it’s very pigmented and soft without being powdery. The top row are all mattes and from the more neutral colour family, while the second row are all shimmers. Generally I find the matte shades to be drier to the touch than the shimmer shades, but I thought that weirdly the matte shades applied more pigmented directly onto the eyes than the shimmer shades, if that made any sense. All of the shadows lasted very well on me, with no fallouts except for the first shimmer shade which had quite a lot of sparkly bits in it. I’ve worn this to work and after a whole day of staring at a computer, there’s very little fading.

For the first row from left to right, there’s a very light white beige, a medium olive brown, a deep reddish brown, and a dark brown. Across the matte shades, they are very buttery and applied smoothly. I was very surprised how well the matte shades blended and applied – it’s very hard to explain but a lot of matte shadows are dry and tend to be harder to place and blend on the eyelids; the matte shades are incredible to me.

For the second row from left to right, there’s a medium golden beige with sparkly bits, a golden copper, a copper brown with strong orange undertones and a magenta. Across the shimmer shades, I find that they swatch very well but apply slightly more sheer than swatched – but they are still incredibly pigmented and can be easily built up to full colour. They are denser and more creamy than the matte shades, but blends just as easily.

Overall, I love this palette! It might be really small but I think it’s a really great way to try Viseart if you’ve never tried anything from them before – there’s a decent mix of matte and shimmer shades and a good variety of colours. The quality is amazing, especially for the matte shades, and it lasts so well. I travel a lot so I really appreciate having something really small but have enough to pull off several looks without having to pull in another palette.

Have you tried anything from Viseart before?

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